One Utama #MakanMakan Food Hunt Campaign Part 3

August 29, 2015

This is my One Utama #MakanMakan Food Hunt Campaign Part3,please forgive me for keep update for it because I had too many things want to share I really hope that you guys enjoy it~

8th Station:Coco Ichibanya Curry House

THE MOST FAMOUS CURRY HOUSE IN THE WORLD---------Coco Ichibanya Curry House finally opened their branch in the Malaysia at the 1 Utama Shopping Centre this yearThis is my second time visited this restaurant. 

Before you go into the restaurant, you can take a look at the food display(it looks real!) .
You will found that some of them are not in the menu. This is because customers can customise their curries by selecting toppings, rice quantities, sauce quantities & spice levels(for those poeple who have a spicy tooth you can choose level 3 or 4)

Take a look at these food display and it may give you an inspiration on what to order.

The restaurant space are all in white and light green design.It's makes people felt comfortable having their food here.

Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry (RM26)
 The pork cutlet was very crispy and juicy when you bite in.The omelette with curry are great combo!When you eat in it will melts in your mouth like butter or cream.

Chicken Cutlet Salad(RM10)
The chicken cutlet was match with the sesame dressing! I totally love it because the combination was just prefect & it taste indifferent that the salad that I eat before.

Actually their curry rice was quite big it is enough to share with your friends.If not,your tummy will felt full in the end!
For people who are a heavy eater you can also add the rice too!For me I need to share with others.

9th Station:Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt

I love Milk! Sometimes I would add in with oat as my breakfast, and also blended with bananas to become a Banana Milk too ! This time I get the chance to visit Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt (Moo~~)

They provided ice cream and yogurt drink.This is my first time to try it.Can't wait to have one!
The ice cream price is around RM10.90 per cup.

  After buy the yogurt in cup,you can asked the staff to help you add your favorite topping for RM2 each.

I add Blackcurrant and Chocolate syrup for my yogurt ice cream.

Unfortunately that actually blackcurrant and chocolate syrup was not match... (I choose wrong topping*cry*). I strongly recommend chocolate syrup with coco crunch :3

They give us a bottle of yogurt milk to us for bring it back to drink.Their yogurt milk price is RM3.80 for each bottle.(Now it already become my MUSTBUY drink when I go One Utama haha)

These are the benefit of drinking the yogurt milk.

Every 15th of the month,you can enjoy buy 1 free 1 for their Froyo in cup.It really worth it.You can drop by 1 Utama to have your milk yogurt now!

Last Stop:The Little Fat Duck

Little Fat Duck,when I first time to hear this shop,I thought they served duck meat.To my surprise,their main food was chicken confit & grilled fish.They served Affordable Italian-French Cuisine On-The Go!

The menu of food and beverage are on the top of the counter.

They offer us a box of spaghetti to let us bring it home,their service is closest and warmest. Not only that,the price of the food are not expensive.

Photo Credit by @yukari Chong

All my friends who had try the spaghetti are very recommend it,but I forgot to bring it back*cry*.
But after that I went again with my mom and we having our lunch at The Little Fat Duck~ It's really really really delicious and my mom recommend it too! But for me it is not enough to fill my stomach hehe.

So maybe you can try it during shopping at 1 Utama and tell me which spaghetti are your most favorite!

Finally I ended my post haha!
We have a great time on this event and really thanks to 1Utama for organised this event and also the team members who work hand-in-hand with each other :)

For the more pics you can see on my FaceBook and also Instagram.
FaceBook: Tiffany Lee
Instagram: @kn_leee15

I really hope that you will enjoy reading my review,although I understand that my grammar mistake are really terrible but I really work hard on it!

So stay tune for my new review ya SAYONARA~


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