One Utama #MakanMakan Food Hunt Campaign Part 1

August 23, 2015

Hi hi~It's me Tiffany here!!
This is my very first post on this blog and I'm glad that I can share about my thing at here!
Anyway I would like to share about the event that i had attend on Friday which is #MakanMakan Food Hunt that organised by 1Utama.
This campaign is a private event for the bloggers who had register via email.I'm glad that I get this chance to join it!
I attend this event with my friend, Yukari Chong~(she is at right side)

This event starts around 11a.m. to 4p.m. Before we start, we need to go to the registration to "mark" the attendance , and then the staff will give us this food hunt "passport"~

The "passport" will be stamped each time we visit a F&B outlet. We need to collect 10 stamp to complete our food hunt.

After that, the bloggers will be divided into teams of five members for this food hunt event:D (I was quite nervous when I heard that because I don't know any of them O.O"")

and we need to take photo before we began the food hunt.We also need to write out the team's name on a #MakanMakan photo handheld prop!We have no idea to think about it @@

Finally Our team name called "GALS"~(Actually this is my idea for the group name because all the members are girls and Japan magazine always use this word too)

I felt happy that I can meet them^^ They are all bloggers which have more experience than me I really hope that I can be like them too!
(I hope you guys don't mind if I put photo here)
As you can see on the photo, our team have 7 members!

All we need to do is visit all the TEN Food & Beverage Outlet within the 5 hours duration~

So let's start!
Quiznos Sub is our very first visit restaurant in the #MakanMakan Food Hunt Event.
So let's go in!

From the internet information, Q CAFE (Quiznos) is one of the largest restaurant/cafe brands in the world. With over 2000 STORES WORLDWIDE & A PRESENCE IN 30 COUNTRIES, Q CAFE continues to be one of the fastest growing restaurant chains!

Whether dining in or eating on-the-go, Q CAFE is designed for today's busy customers who are looking for a tasty, fresher alternative to many of today's traditional fast food restaurants. Q CAFE offers flavorful chef-inspired menu items, including toasted SANDWICHES, PIZZAS, SALADS and WRAPS! 

Their menu have been listed on the wall so people can easily to look for their favorite food.

The staff give us a stamp on our "passport".You need to order your food and drinks at the counter.

Actually their shop are quite similar to Subway.

These are the food that they served us:

Honey Mustard sub with Rosemary Parmesan Bread(RM18.80 for 9")

Cheese Stick

Chicken Ranch and Swiss with wheat bread(RM18.80 for 9'')

Chicken Carbonara (RM12.80 for S)

Baja Chicken Pizza (RM12.80 for S)

The price of their food can be afford by everyone.You can drop by their restaurant to have your pizza and sandwiches.

Next stop: Betjeman & Barton

Betjeman & Barton,the World Renowned French Tea Brewing now in Malaysia. They aspire to deliver the best french tea as well as french confectioneries such as Cakes, Macaroon &Chocolate.

Those bottle are their Tea Canisters which are designed to keep teas fresh,aromatic anda longer shelf life.

The macaroon are colorful like rainbow and it label by the flavor.

Since we are just a tea newbie, they let us to take a whiff for 4 kinds of tea to find out which do you more prefer.

Drinking tea has proven to have many health benefits.
These are the benefits of tea:
White Tea-Renewal of good cells
Red Tea-Rich in many good enzymes
Green Tea-Calming and High in antioxidant
Black Tea-Promotes Vitality & Longevity

There are many types of chocolate can be choose by customers.

Hanami Gateau(RM13.90)+ Hazelnut Macaroon(RM4.50)+B & B Pure Milk Chocolate(RM4 per piece)
They served us the desserts with a set including cake,macaroon and also a small bar of chocolate.

The taste of the cake is very creamy and it taste a bit like cheese cake.On top of the Hanami Gateau was butter and a thin layer piece of chocolate.

The taste of the hazelnut macaroon are really nice,I totally fall in love with it.*yum yum*

However,the taste of the chocolate was a bit too sweet for me but I still can accept it.

They do provide gift sets for customers.You can choose the tea by yourself,and they will helps you to sealed in their caddies individually and enveloped in a beautiful box.
The price of the gift sets normally is from RM200++

Third station: Bisou Bake Shop

Girls sure love to eat desserts.I love to eat cupcakes and tart*shy* . If you love too then you should not miss out this shop!
There are many types of cupcake can be choose by customers.The price of the cupcakes are RM7.50 each!

They also selling cakes too.For the cakes,the price are around RM10++.

The Bisou Bake Shop are filled with the  colorful cupcake❤️

Their Red Velvet cake are their August Special. You can choose the red velvet cake with red velvet mocha or hot chocolate.The cake layer cream are so colorful like rainbow!

The taste of the cake are not too sweet it's suitable for people who are not a really sweet tooth.You can enjoy your high tea with your friends and boyfriend*laugh*

They do provide the takeaway service for people who would like to buy the cupcakes as the birthday gift or party :) They also help customers to customize wedding cakes too.

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