One Utama #MakanMakan Food Hunt Campaign Part 2

August 29, 2015

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4th Station: The Library Coffee Bar

The Library Coffee Bar is a lifestyle coffee bar chain that is famed for its casual cool retro interior. This place are suitable for caffeine-lovers and people who love reading because their environment are very comfortable. It's a great place to spend your afternoon time with your friends here.

You need to place your orders over the counter and your food and drinks will be served to you.Their main courses are desserts such as waffler and cakes, pasta ,and coffee.I more prefer to having my tea time at here because the price of the food and drinks could be afford by students if compare with Starbuck.  

Desserts and Drinks are provided.

Earl Gray(RM9) 
It include a cookie and sugar cube for you to have it with your tea. 

Fish Arrabiata (RM15)
This pasta is suitable for people who have a spicy tooth. For me the sauce does suit my stomach. 

 Humming Ham(RM15)
This is one of my favorite food in the coffee bar,it's very crispy like you having a apple pie.On top of it was cheese and tuna.

Espresso Overdose(RM15)
This drink really makes me overdose for it! The Espresso were with ice cream inside,the taste od espresso was strong but I love it. Strong coffee has an intense flavor but for me it is accepted although I'm not a caffeine lover.

5th Station:MyeongDong Topokki

The Korea wave(or Hallyu) trend in Malaysia has led Malaysians to take greater interest in Korea's society and culture,so I have review about the Korean cuisine miniature which located at 1 Utama (just beside ShihLin Taiwan Street Snack)

Topokki  is a popular Korean snack food made from soft rice cake, fish cake and sweet red chili sauce; gochujang.It is commonly purchased from street vendors or pojangmacha. Originally it was called tteok jjim (Korean떡찜) and was a savory braised dish of sliced rice, cake, meat, eggs , and seasoning.

These are the menu of MyeongDong Topokki.

Their interior design like a train station,it looks indifferent than the other Korean restaurant. 

Korean Drinks(RM4.50 each can)
They served us with these canned drinks from Korea,grapes,peach and pear flavored. The can design was so cute and this was our first time to try it. We love it!The drinks taste like Vitagen.

{Left}MyeongDong Topokki(RM10.80),{Right}Odeng(RM7.80)
It is very chewy when you bite the topokki in your mouth,and the sause of the topokki was spicy too.For the Odeng,it is a fishcake soap and it is common Korean food today.Usually it is enjoyed as a snack or a light meal in Korea.(I thought it is a fried eggs in a misou soap*lol*)

Vegetables Kimbab (RM13.00)
The Kimbab is similar to sushi roll. Kimbab is very popular food as a picnic meal. There are lots of variations of kimbap, but they served us with taste very good and this is our most favorite Korean food! 

This is a fried seaweed role with Korean glass noodle in it.It taste crunchy and crispy!*crunch crunch*

Next time I will return to try their sets menu and the other snacks with my lovely friends because they are a BIG kpop fans*laugh*.

6th Station:O Banh Mi

I did not try Vietnamese food before.Due to join the food hunt event,I visited O Banh Mi.O Banh Mi is a Vietnam Style Restaurant.They do served Vietnamese sandwich and noddles.
As you can see there are crowd of people in the restaurant.

The menu of O Banh Mi.

The owner of the O Banh Mi wish us to try their Beef Noddles.He strongly recommend it to us.So we ordered and tried it.

The noodles was chewy and I love the soup too.Unfortunately, I can't taste their beef meat ball and meat in the noddles because I'm Buddhist.

7th Station:Nana's GreenTea

My friends always visited Nana's Green Tea to have her lunch,she always told me to have a visit for it.This time I did!

Nana's Green Tea was established in Japan, a pioneer of Japanese Café dealing with “Matcha”, green powdered tea.I get the chance to visit and I can't wait to try their desserts!

The plastic food display can be seen beside the counter of the restaurant.

The environment of the restaurant are just simple in white and it offers a clean and modern place to customers.It's very cozy to have a high tea and gathering with friends here.

{Left}Macha "Nama Chocolate"Parfait (RM23.10) ,{Right}Hoji "Gateaux Chocolat" Parfait(RM23.10)
They served us their recommend parfait to us.Their service are really good.The taste of the matcha was strong I like it!The taste of the chocolate was not too sweet and it is super match with the matcha.

How about main food?Do they provided too?My answer is YES!
They do provide main food such as Curry Rice and more! Do drop by this cafe during shopping at 1 Utama to fill your stomach.


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  1. Hi review, I like coffee next time come malaysia will try it.