Review | Etude House My Beauty Tool Facial Brush

September 15, 2015

Hello strawberries~ 
This is my first review for beauty products in my blog*shy*

I looking for the facial brush long time ago but the price of the machine type facial brush like Pobling ,Olay and Clarisonic was too high for students(especially me*cry*)

Facial brush was good in deep cleansing for silky and healthy pores.I want it badly but I can't afford the price :( Until one day, I went shopping with my family.I walked through the Etude House outlet.Suddenly,my eyes felt on it! I finally found it!

I brought this facial brush since last month.I already used it for long time so it is time to review for it! Let's us check it out :D


As you know that I love to buy Korean Beauty products,Etude House is one of my favorite brand because their packaging was super nice yet their products also ZZANG too! 

When you open it,you can see a blue cylindrical container where you invert your brush. 

The end of the container has 4 small hole so that the water won't be collect inside the container.

The brush are very soft and it gentle to skin.

The size of the brush was tiny and it is suitable to bring it for travel!

Actually this facial brush had already change their packaging.Their previous packaging was this type.

Let us try now!

So I will using my eyeliner pencil to draw my cheek to see how was different about the result of using this brush and using hand to wash my face hehe.

SO I try with hand first.
I apply an amount of cleansing foam onto my hand.

After that I make bubble with hand and rub it on my face.*pls ignore my fat face*

*rub rub*

And rinse it off~

See how was the result!

OH MY! The makeup did not wash away :( As you can see the makeup are still on my face.

How to use it?

Don't Worry,it's just simple and easy!All you need to do is wet your brush with water.

After that, apply an appropriate amount of cleansing foam on the brush.

Lastly,gently rolling over entire face and rising off afterward!(I draw another few line on my another cheek)

Let's see the result!

JIANG JIANG! The makeup gone! It did well in cleansing not only that I can see my pore clean.

Ranking: 5/5

Price: RM39

Would I buy this again?
My answer will be Yes! I will buy it again because it is durable.

Do you guys have this product too? Let me know what do you think about it too I would like to hear about your opinion!

See you guys in next post GOODBYE!

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