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November 19, 2015

Anneonghaseyo strawberries!
Finally I can spent 1 day for updating my blog *horray*
This month I was having SPM exam*scream* and now I still have 3 more subject need to study right now so that's why I did not have any time to upload my blog so soli!!

Recently I was invited by Wendy to attend the blogger's dinner at The Morning After@ Ativo Plaza.*Thanks Wendy and Youth On Unity for giving me this opportunity*
I really can't wait to share with you guys about this cafe hehe~
So let's go!

The Morning After is a lifestyle cafe which design for today's customer who are looking for a cozy and quite place so that they could enjoy their tea time with friends.*ps: Ativo Plaza was super close(really) from my house but I seldom visit there*

The interior of this cafe are present in simple black design.(G-Dragon on the wall LOL!)

Collection of cakes and drinks*Yummy*

Green Tea Latte(RM12) 
I am the avid fan of green tea so that's why I ordered it hehe~while waiting for other bloggers due to heavy rain, I can't stop take pic of it because of the latte art because it needs to be admired and appreciated as soon as it complete.

This Chocolate(RM12) 
This drink was ordered by Patricia and I just took picture only LOL but I would like to try it next time hehe

We had ordered and ate a lot(really a lot)of food that day LOL*feat Ariq*

Mexican Nachos(RM18)
This dish is served with dice tomatoes,beef bolognese and guacamole sauce.I totally love it!

Grilled Pear Salad with assorted greens,pear & Turkey ham(RM19)

An American Dream with Turkey ham(RM25)

Pesto Pasta Grilled Chicken(RM)
This is my most favorite! When I saw this "green" pasta I was wondering how it taste like but surprisingly the taste was amazing!*yum yum*  It's also their signature dish too!

Egg Benedict(RM19)

Soft Shell Crab Pasta with Neapolitan sauce & rocket salad (RM34)
This pasta is also one of their signature dish and it recommended by Chef Wan-Main Chef of The Morning After.
He had also shared with us about his experience about his previous experience in Asia and Europe.Also talked about the idea of Soft Shell Crab+Pesto Pasta Grilled Chicken which create by him!
*I don't know why this photo looks super unclear pls forgive me*

Photo with Patricia hehe~

Their food was so good and delicious.If you are looking for a cafe for gathering with your friends and family,I would say that The Morning After makes a GREAT options!They using imported ingredients which can explain the reason for their food price range is from RM 15~RM40 Although it was a bitttt pricey*for student(like me LOL)* but it is very reasonable so I guess I will bring my friends and family to visit again haha.

The Morning After@ Ativo Plaza Bandar Sri Damansara 
Business Time: 8am till late(open daily)
Address: A-G-3, Ativo Plaza, Persiaran Perdana 52200 Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Awesome cafe with fine touch of western cuisine. Should really try their basil pasta with grilled chicken.

  2. Replies
    1. yea haha! I saw my photo in your blog post too xD

  3. Nice and yummy foods ler! Got chance I also want to try too!!

    Sharon Lee

  4. I have only tried their breakfast set... but it seems like their nacho and pesto look better hahaha i wanna go again too

  5. The egg benedict and hot chocolate looks so tempting! Will give it a try next time. ;)

  6. I love green tea latte too! How was it? The pesto pasta looks good too. I have never tried TMA's food, only tried their Hot Chocolate which was pretty good.

  7. It looks really cozy and the Mexican Nachos make me hungry now.

  8. I'm really impressed by the food presentation. I bet they taste as delicious as they look judging from the smiles.

  9. lol your title so misleading lar haha,. thought it's "morning after pil topic"

  10. Miss their beverages. Hope to cafe hop there again. :)

    Out of topic: Love your Santa animated icon! It's so cute! ^^

  11. OMG! The food looks de3licious. And the price is also ok. This might be my next haunt.

  12. the basil caught my eyeballs! the photos look very nice. yea, price is on high side, but considering the value we are getting, i guess it's fair. :)

  13. i always pass by this cafe but i have yet check it out.. will drop by soon. the food looks tempting. :D

  14. Green Tea latte is special and the taste nice. I like the sphagetti. Yummy

  15. I heard their name since last year and like not bad, will find a day to visit them.

  16. the ambiance is rather dark, a romantic spot for couples to dine at?

    Food looks good, may drop by there very soon.

  17. hello Tifanny!
    Long time no see oredy!
    I want the egg benedict! Please take my money!