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December 29, 2015

In most people mind, ice cream have always been stigmatized as unhealthy and nutritionally deficient but indulging in Honey Creme does not have to be frowned upon and reserved only for diet cheat days. Due to their specially handcrafted with premium organic ingredients from all around the world Honey Creme's soft serve can be a healthier option with nutritional toppings like raw honeycomb, organic mixed grains, heart-healthy dark chocolate or simply the sinfully indulgent choice of popcorn or cotton candy toppings.*yum yum*

And finally,Honey Creme has finally set foot in a local food haven,Desa Sri Hartamas congraz!!

I am so glad to become one of the media to attend their grand opening and their private tasting event.

*selfie with a fake Honey Comb haha*

Their interior design very cozy and nice right? Honey Creme can be your choice to gathering with your friends and dating with your BF/GF hehe

Honey Creme is a Korean style premium organic soft serve ice cream brand,conceived through a fruitful Korean-Taiwanese business partnership.

Its unique flavours and topping combinations can be credited to the ingenious health-conscious Korean partners while their Taiwanese allies are the marketing maestros behind Honey Creme's cult following.

Honey Creme has been enjoying brisk sales in countries such as home country Taiwan, Singapore , Hongkong, China and Indonesia.

I had ordered myself their signature Honey Comb Soft Serve BUT when I was taking picture the ice cream already starts melting because it is made by organic milk and creams so it will melt faster than normal ice cream that we eat.

Can you believe that? On top of ice cream was a REAL raw honey comb! Their honey comb was sourced from the bee farms and omitting the need for artificial sugar sweeteners
  so it is healthy to have it~
*this soft serve is Victoria Song( from Korean band F(x)) favourite so if you are F(x) fans yo should not miss out this!*

*colourful of macaroon*
Those macaroon can be added on your ice cream but it is just available for Comb Honey and Dark Chocolate in cup only hope that when I visit next time the macaroon also can be added for others too!

Order one more soft serve for myself bahaha! It has 2 premium dark chocolates selected for this soft serve ice cream.The first selection is the imported dark chocolate sauce for the base and second selection is the dark chocolate gel that is drizzled on the original soft serve ice cream.

I asked the stuff to add the macaroon as ice cream topping for me hehe (but the ice cream was melt again TToTT) 
Surprisingly, it doesn't affect the taste of the ice cream and I love dark chocolate too~

During the grand opening on the 19th and 20th Dec,the public will get to enjoy a "buy 1 free 1" deal and the first 100 customers who check-in o Honey Creme Hartamas Facebook will enjoy a free ice cream too!

Honey Creme Hartamas
Address: 20,Jalan 27/70A Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL
Monday to Thursday: 12pm-10pm
Friday to Sunday: 12pm-11pm
Open Daily

Follow Honey Creme at:

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  1. Yum yum! I saw honey creme post everywhere! :P

  2. nyumnyummm. Ika love ice cream.Ice creamand macaron is a good combination for me hehe

  3. It seems like everyone in the blogging world was there! The ice-cream was really good though!


  4. Gosh! Buy 1 Free 1! What a great deal for ice cream lovers!

  5. Looking so yummy! I almost got fooled by the fake honey comb. haha. Me is ice cream related lover.

  6. thats alot of yummy honey creme! i thought the one you were holding is a real one :P

  7. Macaron topping with ice cream! I want it too!

  8. I love their ice cream.
    Soft and creamy!

  9. Looks nice! Texture looks creamy and smooth hehe. Would like to try!

  10. i love their organic mixed grain the most. they are so healthy! love it! :D

  11. look so nice! so glad that it is healthy, i stopped eating ice cream due to health reason, now i can enjoy my sweet indulgence again!

  12. The Honey Comb Soft Serve looks really awesome. Paired with the colourful macaroons, it's to die for.

  13. Ice Cream taste ok only. Maybe it is more healthy as compare to others.

  14. Pretty interesting concept like Milk Cow I think... with more toppings... =)

  15. nice to meet u!!!! the ice cream really really nice!!!!

  16. Looks yummy! will give it a try someday. =)

  17. I want try their Dark chocolate. It look yummy.

  18. Can't resist this.. Wanna try it now..

  19. The concept of honey and ice cream really was a interesting concept! Love this combo and wish to have try it!

  20. The macaroons served looks yummy! and this Honeycomb ice cream has always been one of my favorite flavors!!

    would you like to follow each other on google friend connect and google plus? I will follow you back after it.

  21. awesome and good. i love the concept

  22. I miss the offer T_____T But wow, would love to try it one day!

  23. This place has been a hit recently. I plan to try the ice cream with honey comb this weekend.

  24. Haven't try this brand yet, I am crazy over soft serve ice cream :)

  25. i didn't know they have macarons too, that's nice, do they have coffee as well?

  26. just came from janice yeap's blog on honey creme too, love these! i need some of it now :d

  27. I personally like the affogato cotton candy flavour! You should try that one too