Oh Deer,it's Christmas Seasons!!

December 06, 2015

**This post is talk about crap I hope you don't mind lol**
Harlowww strawberriesss~
Before we get into the title, let's play this song first!

This is the Christmas song that I recently love to listen~
*Honestly I'm not SONE(Girl's generation fans) but I always fall in love with their song*

I felt super excited and I really really love to celebrate Christmas!
This coming Christmas I would be in Taiwan with my families~~*I know you felt jelly already haha*
I had been prepared my money to shop till I drop during at Taiwan(Money fly away...)
I will updated about my Taiwan trip at my blog too~~
Also,I will be host a mini giveaway when I back from there so please stay tuned ya*wink*

Anyway do you have CHRISTMAS WISHLIST?I DO.

I always hope that Mr.Santa will see my wishlist and send me those gift bahaha

1.A new Camera 
(Recently I was looking for a new camera for blogging + selfie but I didn't have any idea what brand should I buy haizz...SAMSUNG NX3300 OR CASIO ZR3500?? Anyone have idea??)

2.A new handphone
(My budget was not over rm900 and I just want a handphone that can take pic and use my social media app just as simple as that)

3.New skincare products
(Okay...I had finished my toner and lotion from Etude House and now I decided to change my skincare line... Maybe Innisfree or MUJI?)

4.Get my car license
(I was sooo regret that I didn't go exam after my birthday and now I saw my classmates all drive their car and go anywhere they like envy them soo much ahhhh TToTT)

5.lose weight asap
(My weight due to my hormone and cause it keep increasing...== Hope I can solve this problem as soon as possible if not..... CNY no nice clothes for me to wear haizzzz)

My wishlist was just as simple as that and now it is time to stop to talk crap haha



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