Samyang's Self Fired Noodles Challege!?

December 27, 2015

*I shall mention here first,this is not a sponsor post and I pay by my own money*

Instant Noodles was a easy-cooked and yummy food for people nowadays who was busy to have their lunch and dinner when working or studying.

Recently I have watched a lots(really a lots) of youtubers did the spicy fired noodles challenge with their friends and siblings. Honestly I was not believe that the instant noodles was as spicy as people mention and react.So during school holidays, my friends and I went out together for watching movies~ After that we had also shopping at Jusco to buy some stuff and snacks. We passed by the noodles area and my eyes fell on the Samyang's Spicy Fried Chicken Ramen(in Korean called Buldalk Bokkeummyeon) And I asked my friends :" Have you guys tried this before? I saw a lots of people try it and say damn spicy." and my friends says it is extreme spicy but she want to buy again for herself and her bf*laugh* 

Therefore I brought 2 of it and one for myself and another one is for my lil brother hehe~

So let's check it out!

I brought Samyang's Spicy Fried Chicken Ramen in cup version~The price is around RM7.50 (Honestly this ramen price is more higher compare to the other brand but still can accept lah~)

As you can see from the packaging you can imaging how spicy was it huhu~

This is packet ver one maybe next time will go buy this type one xP

Okay, let's look at inside of this cup noodles~

The seasoning inside the cup noodles was just simple.
(left) Red sachet- Potent Hot Sauce
(Right) Black Sachet- Seaweed and Sesame Seed

Can't wait to cook it already!
The way was just simple and easy~ All you need to do is just pour hot water into the cup noodles after take away both seasoning sachets and wait for 4 minutes.

*tick tock tick tock~*

Next step, drain the water from the cup,add in the hot sauce + sprinkle the sachet of seaweed and sesame seeds and mix it well~

 (P/S: pls beware when drain the water coz I accidentally drain some noodles out from the cup LOL *laugh*)


After Tasting Review:
Honestly, it is DAMN spicy that I expect I can just say that the spiciness of  the ramen is not a joke but I still can accept lah but just my mouth got something wrong XD......

As you can see my mouth in this picture already like 腊肠嘴 LOL

Not only that your mouth also felt like burning too haha and I try to keep drinking cold water also useless.
If anyone want to challenge you should try this ramen I super duper recommend it haha


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  1. After reading you review, make me miss their noodle liao! Although it was really shitty spicy but i find it really delicious XD

  2. I've tried this and love it!! Wanted to do a video log about it too

  3. I can feel the spicy when look at your lip so red. I dun dare try. Haha

  4. hahaha, gosh.. look at your red lips.. >< really spicy indeed.

  5. OMG I wanted to try this challenge with my girlfriend during Christmas eve but we aboard the plan because we are going out so not convenient. Will try it soon.

  6. I saw a lot of people doing the challenge! Is it really spicy?