[Closed]January Favourites 2016 + Mini giveaway

January 06, 2016

Haiiiii Strawberriessss~ Happy New Year to all of you~^^ Hope that it's not to late to say that ^^|||
So recently I just back from Taiwan and now I already start miss there I want go againTT.TT
Anyway I will share about my Taiwan trip very soon*really*

OK, so in this post I would like to share with you some of my favourite makeup products and stuff in January 2016!
 Let's get into the title~

These are my favourite chocolate stick PEPERO (Korean popular snacks)that I brought at Taiwan 7-11 and guess what? EXO members are on the packaging! I'm sure EXO-L ( EXO fans) will start jelly me bahaha I know you are jelly me now hehe! The reason that I will buy it is because you couldn't find any PEPERO that got EXO members pic on this and honestly, the price are not cheap at all! and now they have a lucky draw event with purchase any 2 Pepero but it's just available for Taiwan only haizz...

I couldn't find another version for them so bad :((

Play 101 Stick

Look what I had receive from Etude Global. It's Etude House Play 101 Stick OMG!!!
Etude House had launch a new products and they collaboration with makeup artist PONY again !!

@pic from Google

There are a lots of shades can be choose.

From left-Play 101 stick contour duo
This stick has 2 ends.One has a white pearly finish which act as highlighter and for the other side is a dark shaded which used as shading around the nose and anywhere you wish to give more shadow. 

Play 101 stick No4 (foundation)
This is my most favourite foundation that I had used!I seriously impressed with it because it's very easy to use it on face plus it makes your skin look so smooth~~~~I'm sure I will keep continue to use it until finish haha!

 Play 101 stick No12
This colour stick has multiple function just like Play 101 Pencil! You can use it as eyeshadow,blushes and also lip makeup too!

 Foundation Brush~

The way to use the foundation brush and stick.

I quite surprise that the stick was really moisturizing when apply on the skin because their previous products Play 101 Pencil was very dry when apply on lips and skin (this is my own review ).

I using the foundation and contour duo stick for my makeup look and the foundation stick coverage was pretty good I guess the main reason is I didn't have any skin problem haha*just kidding* XD

Also you can check out Pony's makeup tutorial video see how to use this Play 101 Stick for her makeup* she's so pretty TT.TT* actually it is not hard to see how you're suppose to use them.

Canmake Color Change Eyebrow

My favorite cosmetic brand OMG! I super love this eyebrow mascara and the color was DAMN match with my new hair color.

I still learning makeup and I haven't fully embraced this brow mascara however I really love this color awww

Canmake Essence Rouge Lipstick
I also LOVE this lipstick from CANMAKE !The design was cuteness overload awww ~

Have you see the swarovski crystal on the lipstick? looks like a ring on it right hehe!

I choose C01 and the colour was very natural when apply on lips.I like it because it is not too glossy and not too matte! Not only that you can also apply without using lip balm because it included a lottt of moisturizing ingredients into the lipstick!

TonyMoly HandMilk

 Can you believe that I buy this from Watson too? The price also cheaper than buy in their outlet and even not more than RM20 leh xD This handmilk design was sooo eye-catching plus it really got banana smell hehe~
My dad even thought I bring banana to go out LOL

Last but not least, I want to show you guys this~

I finally brought myself the S'aime Zora series BAGPACK(L size) at Taiwan!!!
I'm looking for this bagpack for the long time and I actually donno where's the store at all LOL and until the last day I stay in Taiwan I shopping at XiMenDing and so lucky that I passed by their store and I shout: I found it!!!! xD

I'm soooo satisfied with their bag because the quality of bag + colour was pretty GOOD~ Not only that, it also very easy to match the outfit and can put a lot of things into it hehe
*I suggest to those who wish to buy this bag to choose L size because S size quite small and the difference of the price also not as far as you except*

Since many people was interested to their bag so I will show you guys the bag design ya

It has 2 side of compartment so that you can put your bottle~

Infront of the bag also got a small magnet pocket and a zip compartment I usually put my makeup things into it such as lipstick lip balm or something else.

The inner bag design was simple and there was 2 pocket can put your powerbank and phone or anything that you like~ There is also got a zip pocket for you to put wallet or items.

For the behind of this backpack also got a zip compartment again with a card pocket! I put my ONECARD here so that when I shopping at 1U I can take it easily from the back coz I lazy to find it from my wallet haha

I also buy myself a drawstring bag(about NT210+) and free a small drawstring pouch from s'aime with purchase up to NT2000 too.

So that's all about my favourite stuff in January and before the end of this post I would like to hold a GIVEAWAY yay~~

(2 box of Pepero, Pekochan Crisply Chocolate, Etude House and Tony Moly Samples, usb LED light, 3 sheets of Taiwan Masks , a drawstring bag that DIY by me*laugh*and a special edition 悠游卡)

Although the gift was just veryyyyy simple please forgive me TT.TT but I really really hope that you will like it~ and next time I will did a more better one pleaseee trust me OKayyy? :D

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2.Share this blog post on FB and tag my FB page name (make sure that your profile is public so that I could see it)
Deadline: 31th January 2016

It's just as simple as that so I hope you guys will join this giveaway hehe.


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  1. I have share and hope to win. Happy New Year

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    Totally nice !

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