REVIEW | Pink Passion The Signature Salon [E-Lighting Treatment ]

July 28, 2016

Ohaii Strawberries I'm back again!!

I'm sure everyone will agree that having a good skin will gain our confidence even though without the makeup on the face. It's very important to take care of our skin so that skin problem will not happen to us. 

So recently I was given an opportunity by Pink Passion The Signature Salon to experience their new treatment (ILP E-Lighting). Basically, ILP is a new technology that very common in beauty industries since it is not just for hair removal yet it also helps to improve our skin texture and tone. I was quite surprised that this technology also can be used on face or body. Most importantly, it is PAIN-FREE!!! The new SHR mechaine delivers at 950nm deep, it goes deeper than the CO2 laser.I used to scare pain but after I experience it I have totally changed my mind.

Want to know more about this treatment? Just continue to read it!

Pink Passion The Signature Salon is just located at Sunway Mas Commercial Centre and actually people can found it easily because their salon outside is just like their name- PINK COLOUR!

Their interior design is just so cosy and ya, everything is in PINK too hehe!*I am super big fans of Pink actually lol*

Before I started my E-lighting treatment, my lovely beautician helps me to clean my face and apply aloe vera gel masks onto my face because the skin must be moisturising enough to do IPL treatment.

I also love their service and here's the reasons:
1.During the process of treatment, even though I asked a lot of questions *curious baby lol* about this treatment and she will reply me patiently & I can totally understand her explanation too.

2.She even advise me not to use any scrub products since my skin consider quite thin and she can clearly saw the vein on my face too. She also told me in honest about this treatment might not as effective as I expect since I still young haha.

3. My beautician will also ask for my feedback whether feel any pain or disconfortable while she helps me to do the e-lighting SHR around my eyes since it is a sensitive area.
*The multi-function IPL mechaine*

*I look like Ultraman >.<*
They also provide orange goggles for me to reduce the glaring effect. Overall I didn't feel any uncomfortable except I still can feel the light fade off quickly but this is because our eyes area skin is thin.

Complete the treatment with applying the milk mask~

Can you see the difference of my face?
My face is super chubby but I can obviously saw my left cheek is slender than the other side. The treatment takes around 2 hours.

After few weeks of the treatment, I also found out that the vein on my face is not as obvious as the beginning.

*Make sure to avoid explosure to the sun for 1 weeks
*Do not use any of whitening products but for moisturizing is alright!
*if possible avoid to makeup for few days but if no choice you can makeup after the second day of the treatment

Before the end of the post, I would like to share something to strawberries who wish to try this treatment:
This treatment might not suitable for everyone, especially for those people who have darker skin since dark will absorb the light and become more worst. Also, this treatment also not recommend for those who have a sensitive skin.

Do drop by Pink Passion if you wish to try out their IPL treatment and don't forget to check out their website or facebook page for more service!

Address: No 37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C,Sunway Mas Commercial Centre, 47000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact: +603-7805 7825


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