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August 11, 2016

Anneonghaseyo yorobu!
The latest K-Drama "Doctors" has become a new hits & many of my friends are watching it too.
Park Shin Hye is always my favorite actress and I knew her because of Taiwanese drama
*yes I didn't say anything wrong is Taiwanese drama*
(just in case if you guys wonder which drama and here it is haha! It is called "Hayate the Combat Butler" -originally from Japanese Anime ,Shin Hye fans pali pali go check out if you didn't watch before)

Okay guyss lets come back come back~

Attention for fans of Park Shin Hye + Korea Cosmetics Addicts! 
AmorePacific Malaysia's latest cosmetics brand Mamonde has officially launched in Malaysia with its first counter located at AEON 1 Utama Chugha-hamnida!!!*big applause*
Mamonde's counter carries 140 products from 32 product categories which ranges from skincare, makeup, handcare to makeup.

Their products price is also quite affordable for most of the people, compared with most of the brands. The products price is from RM6 to Rm169, it making them accessible to women from all walks of life.
Mamonde, which is derived from French word, Ma(My)+Monde(World) & is the first skincare brand that only use flowers as its key ingredient coupled with other natural ingredients its formulation.
There are 5 key flowers of Mamonde:
1. Honeysuckle which helps to revitalize your skin because it is an absorbent plant that able to absorb nutrients from barren soil to effectively deliver nutrients to vital parts of the plant.
2. Hibiscus that contains natural hydrator that provides flawless hydration.
3. Narcisss gives prefect moisturizing benefits more than 24 hours and it works well on tired and dehydrated skin.
4.Lotus has the ability that helps to cleanse & purify the skin while giving anti-oxidant protection.
5. Camellia which contains therapeutic properties that helps to protect the skin from free radical damage and helps to reduce the sign of aging for youthful-looking skin.

Have you notice Shin Hye unnie is using one of the beauty product from Mamonde in "Doctors"?

It is Mamonde the Cover Powder Cushion!
(Is what I'm holding right now! Wondering after using it would my skin will look like ShinHye unnie too?*laugh* )

Product Close Look

(I get this autographed limited edition cushion *kamsahamida Mamonde Malaysia* & it only have 150 boxes in Malaysia so faster grab it to avoid disappointment!) 

 This cushion design is based on the petal of the pink blossom, I really love it because it is PINK haha!
Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion formulated with the new triple-functional cosmetics namely Winkle Care, Whitening and Sunscreen with SPF 50++. It also gives a long lasting, hydration, & flawless coverage. This cushion gives a fresh and matte look without any stickiness feeling on skin.

Fans of ShinHye unnie can also stand a chance to to meet her when purchase the Park Shin Hye First Energy Lucky Box,which also comes with only 70 passes to be won for a fan meeting that happening this October!

Besides these 2 products, I also found out some interesting & must-get products at Mamonde counter that I really wish to share with all of you!

#1 PangPang Hair Shadow Cushion
Even hair shadow also have cushion type?! I guess this products will be the savior for people who has a M-line forehead because it can helps you to transfer your M-line forehead to U-line by giving you the natural hair look. I actually also heard a lot of good review about this products so if you have the less hair problem you should try it out!

#2 Mamonde Cover Twin Pact
This product I can can be consider as multipurpose pact haha. It has a lotus extract to prevent dullness & create a bright and radiant skin after applying. It also can be cover flaws, unbalanced skin, and fine winkles. It also can be use as a sebum powder too! It can gives your skin a matte yet moisturizing feeling on your skin.

For more products, you can check out my Youtube video haha! Just click and play!

In conjunction with the official launch, Mamonde is offering a complimentary 8 items gift set with every purchase of RM350, a free Mamonde membership with any purchase of their products!

Do check out their counter for more deals & please stay tuned on their FB page for more updates about Park Shin Hye since she will be coming to Malaysia very soon!


Daum-eh Bwa,

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  1. The drama is a Taiwanese drama originally from a Japanese anime though xD anyway, loveee you blog entry

    1. ya I love to watch anime version too! Anyway thanks ya <3