REVIEW | ABS Power Bank Y304

August 16, 2016

Power bank has become one of the necessary items in daily life. I can say that I can't live without my power bank since I used my phone everytime and everywhere LOL.

For me, the capacity of the power bank, quality and price is very important to me. Sometimes I need to use my phone and camera at the same time especially during the event. Hence I will be choose the power bank which has enough capacity to charge my phone and camera.

I couldn't says that the more higher the price of power bank, the good quality that you get. However, if purchase the inexpensive price with high capacity you might need to be careful. It is very important to do research before buying a power bank.

Anyway recently I have gotten myself a power bank from ABS Malaysia that comes with 100% satisfied guarantee .*which means 2 years 1 to 1 exchange, this is the first in the market for power bank!* What are we waiting for? Let's check out together!

  • Model of the power bank: ABS Y304. 
  • The capacity of the power bank is 12000 mAh (quite enough for me to charge my devices).
  • Price: RM129.00
  • Sole Distributor: C Two Gadget
 I love this ABS Power Bank is because it is in light weight and compact size, easy for me to bring it up and down, especially during travel or attending event. Compare with other brands with same capacity, the size of this power bank is consider very small.*My dad has one power bank which is same capacity but it is super heavy like holding a block* Also, there are two type of colour available for the power bank too! (Gold/ Silver)

Comes with dual output (5v-2.1A) for charging devices, and one power input port (5v-2A) for recharging power bank.

Cable for recharging powerbank, but it also support for Android phone users (Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, Xiami,etc.) so that not need to bring two types of cable for charging devices. However, if you're Iphone user then you have to prepare another cable for your Iphone.

The LED power capacity light that display on the power bank is to remind you how much capacity you have use or charged while you're using it. *the light only appear while you press the power button or charging*

In conclusion, this power bank is really useful for me since I can charge my phone and my camera at the same time. Furthermore, it is super fast charging too (I used 15 minutes only but almost fully charged, save my time lol). For the price even though is a bit higher for me yet it is worth to get with this price. Now I need not to worry about my phone and camera out of battery anymore!

If you wish to get yourself a ABS Power Bank, you can refer to the link below:

Since ABS Power Bank 11 street official store was opened, they are launch the Merdeka Sale with 20-30% discount, and the promotion is only until 31 August 2016! So don't miss out everyone!


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