My Simple Makeup Look

September 26, 2016

Hello strawberries! I'm back to Youtube with my new makeup video!
I always want to film a makeup video on my YouTube channel but I didn't film it because I have no confident to talk infront of the camera. I will work hard on it so that I can make more videos on my Youtube channel *sob sob*

*Click here for full video*

By the way this makeup is super simple and easy for daily look. My makeup skills is just so-so but I hope this video can helps makeup beginner to do their makeup in easy way. If you have any questions, suggestion, criticism or anything you wanna to let me know please comment down my video below & I will reply it one by one :)

Just in case if you're lazy or don't even want to watch my video, here's the products detail that I used in this video to create this look!

Product details:
1. CNP Laboratory Mugener Ampule
2. It's My Cushion 
(it is a DIY cushion mixed with Tony Moly Aura BB Cream+ Dr. Morita Moisturizer Cream)
3. Witch's Perfect Pouch Prefect Selfie Concealer
 4. Kate Designing Eyebrow N
5. Canmake Four Shiny Eyes #01 Strawberry Chocolate
6. Etude House Play 101 Pencil Snowy Dessert #75
7. SilkyGirl Magic BB Foundation Powder
8. Etude House Play 101 Stick #3
9.DHC Lip Cream
10. Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet #7 Plum Plum Pidou



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  1. As a guy I know nothing about makeup, but you have managed to highlight the right steps slowly and I believe many people will benefit from your makeup tutorials. :)

  2. hehe.. good that you have youtube now can see more of your makeup look.
    some products you mentioned I no try before.

  3. This is just so cute!! Love this simple make up look =D As long it was the comfortable look that you like <3

  4. Great make up look.. It's simple and nice.. Love it!

  5. Thanks for sharing this make-up tutorial. I'm a novice and really found this useful.

  6. not bad, simple but the effects are tremendous!

  7. Awh the makeup tutorial is lovely dear. Good highlights on the products too - thumbs up! :)

  8. Nice make up... I am not very good at make up and this is just great....

  9. Great sharing, it is easy to learn from your video :)

  10. nice makeover! Love the affordable products a lot too