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October 12, 2016

Hello ladies! I have something wanna to share with all of you especially shopaholic!
Have you heard about WORTHY BOOK?
There are 2 version available: Food& Beverage Edition and another one is Ladies Edition.
By the way I have got myself the Worthy Book Ladies Edition.
So basically, Worthy Book Ladies Edition is a book that filled with lots of discount & freebies vouchers from beauty, fashion, wellness and health outlets in Malaysia.

What are you waiting for?
Let's take a peek into the book together!

So this is how it looks like!

Can you imagine there are 150 discount vouchers inside this worthy book? and the best thing is you can save more then RM30,000 if you use all of them!

Besides, it also features popular brand such as OPI, Mandara, Jatomi Fitness, TOMS, Photobook, Diamond& Platinum, Marie France Bodyline,, SOTHYS, Michael& Guys and more!

The content of the book stated in details and organized. All the information are arranged according the categories, areas and shopping malls. Also, it is easy for me to look for the shops and items with looking at the table of content.

This worthy book is super handy because the size of book is just easy for me to put inside my bag if I want to refer it while shopping.
*since you don't wish to carry a heavy book to shop around right?*

Peel off the voucher that you want to use and visit the shop. Then, choose the product that is match with your voucher!
*I'm using the Himalaya voucher and going to buy shampoo with using the first voucher*

Last, pay it and remember to give the voucher to the staff too!
*See~only spent like around RM20+ but can get 2 shampoos!*
Just as simple as that!

I feel like this book is super worth since you can get a lot of discounts & freebies with just pay half of the price. You might not finish the vouchers by yourself. However, you can share it with your girlfriends & mommy because good things have to share together hehe!
Wondering how much for this book? Surprisingly, it only cost RM25 but you can save a lot if using every single vouchers.
Ladies Edition is available at all major bookstores such as MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya and selected and 7-11 in KL& Selangor. Alternatively, it also available via

You can click the link below for more details about Worthy Book:

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  1. I got mine too haven't use it yet

  2. I got mine too haven't use it yet

    1. So far I also used once for purchase Himalaya shampoo only haha~ But I will use the other vouchers soon!

  3. wow, they have a ladies edition now? not bad, huge market