UNBOXING | Enchanteur Paris Parum Body Range

November 16, 2016

As a brand which is inspired by French fragrance, ENCHANTEUR PARIS  have released body care products which also included the similar fine fragrances to provide women with a complete top to toe all day freshness.

So last week I received this lovely box from ENCHANTEUR PARIS & inside has 3 body care products which is from three different mesmerizing scent :

inspired by sheer happiness that will makes your day and the refreshing and light scent is suitable for day out with friends!

This scent signify the blooming of love and romance. Do you know that it also means to make you his amour forever? :P

Combination of floral and fruity scents that reminds .It also gain your confident

I'm sure everyone can't wait to know more about their body range product, so lets check out together!

 ENCHANTEUR Paris Mon Amie Whitening & Refreshing Parfum Anti-Perspirant Deo
This deodorant from ENCHANTEUR which able to keep your underarm feeling comfortably dry and refreshing up to 72 hours with triple protection of anti-pespiration, anti bacteria and malodour protection.*Say goodbye to sweat yay*

 ENCHANTEUR Paris Adore Parfum Deo Mist
This fragrance mist gives user 24-hour protection for all day long.

 ENCHANTEUR Paris Belle Amous Triple Whitening Pafum Lotion 
This lotion is special design with 3 whitening agent: liquorice extract, Sakura extract and Vitamin B3 which help to reduce dark areas & uneven skin such as neck, knees and elbow.

ENCHANTEUR PARIS Parfum body range now is available at major hypermarket, supermarkets, and also pharmacies too.
You can log on to www.echanteur.com.my or their Facebook page www.facebook.com/echanteurmy if you wish to know more information about ENCHANTEUR.


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