🎄Xmas Cupcake Workshop with The Butterfly Project🦋

November 29, 2016

Hi Strawberriesssss🍓🍓🍓
Today I would like to share about a special workshop that I attended few days ago!

This is my very first time to join xmas baking workshop.
Super thanks to mamasan Tammy & The Butterfly Project for giving me this opportunity to join this workshop!❤️‍

This Christmas Cupcake Workshop was held @ At19 Cunilary Studio, which is in terraced house🏚.

Me and beauty butterflies are going to make cupcake from this workshop. We are excited and nervous at the same time because most of us have never learn baking before, and I am the one too haha.

Our friendly baking instructor Suraiya was explaining to us the steps for making the cupcakes, and she will even guide us too if we face any problem🤗

These are the ingredients that we need to use for our Red Velvet Cupcake.

So first, we need to sift the all purpose flour and salts💕
 Photo Credit: Tammy

Photo credit: Tammy
Look at me and Sharon haha.
This is our first time to bake so might feel scare-scare during the process!

Mixed butter, vanilla extract, food colouring and our cocoa powder together.

 Here are the chocolate batter!

Serious face on!
Me and my groupmates was filling the cups with our choco batter which already mixed.
Put all the cupcakes into the oven & bake for 20 minutes.

 While waiting for the cupcakes, our instructor was teaching us to make our cupcake decoration with all the colourful fondants that she have already prepared for us.
We need to make our own fondant decoration for our cupcakes.
*By the way these are all fondants not stone ya😂😂*

My one and only selfie photo during the workshop😂

Last, we put our fondant decorations on the top of the cupcake & it is done!!
Photo Credit: Tammy

JangJang! This is how it looks like!
I know my craft skills was teruk enough.... but I already tried my best😅
What do you think about it?😋

These are the other butterflies' cupcake, and it is super creative & cute too! ❤️
*Especially the bear 🐻 & the 3D Christmas tree one hehe*

Photo Credit: Tammy
Don't ask me why I make this face LOL! I don't even remember at all & I also feel super funny too AHHAHAHA

Group photo with our cupcakesssss 🍰🍰
We have so much fun during the workshop and I'm looking forward to join again!

*There are some butterflies I didn't get the chance to talk with them since I have a inward and passive personality especially when I facing new friends or strangers😥 I always try to overcome this problem but sometimes I still .... so sorry Tammy when you're trying to chat with me but I didn't talk much during the workshop><" Have to push myself already LOL*

If you wish to learn baking or cooking, you should check out At19 Culinary Studio!
At 19 Culinary Studio  
No.19, Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


(HP)6016-3778 236
(FAX)603-2094 6081

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