All About Year 2016

December 19, 2016

Well hello my lovely strawberries🍓

The last diary that I wrote is already 3 months ago and I finally able to share my personal stuff on my blog again! This post might be a lot of words so be ready haha.

How time flies, now is already December (it is my favorite month because of Christmas seasons haha) and just left few weeks more 2017 is coming.

In this year I have started my college life during April and I was nervous at the same time confused about my future because I still have no idea what I really want to study even though I been asked a lot of friends' suggest but I still can't figure out....My parents wish me to study Accounting but some friends suggest me to follow my desire. #toughlife

And I finally got my driving license but without car due to financial issues haha. To practice more, I will drive my dad's car (which is Mitsubishi Hilux) or my mom's car. My dad asked me to drive his huge car when I got my license in the next day, he just freak me out!
Thank god I didn't hit anything but just too nervous to drive. Now I'm consider good at driving but I'm bad at parking LOL. Anyone have the same problem with me too?

If you follow me on my Instagram, you will know that now I'm studying Japanese. I wanna to learn when I was 14 but never get the chance to study due to busy school life. And this year, I requested my mom to allow me to study Japanese and guess what she finally approved!

My Japanese class is on weekday each week one class. I found out it is not as easy as what I think. I have to work really hard to understand some of the verbs and how to use the nouns. So far I still memorizing the Hiragana and Katakana (my brain can't store too much things ==) Perhaps I can remember everything before January...

Last year Christmas I visited Taiwan with my families and this year I will be going Pulau Sembilan for vacation. I heard Pulau Sembilan is a beautiful island and we can see blue tears at the seaside. Unfortunately, I only stay in the island for half day so I will missed the chance to see it. Anyway, I will share about it on my blog soon.

Okay I think I have a bit out of topic and now I am going to talk about my plan in 2017.

I want to be more active on my blog and my Youtube channel. I am the person who is lazy and I find out I only wrote 30+ post this year and mostly is more about events and food review. I am thinking to write something about traveling (I have never write it in my blog before) and also more beauty review for the beauty products that I used recently.

There is one time I attend an event and I meet one beauty blogger. She asked for my Instagram username for exchange follow. When she open my IG profile she suddenly asked me: "Tiffany, why mostly in your IG is food photos? You are suppose to be Beauty Blogger right? Why don't just focus one of the interest?" Alright. So it is means that I am wrong to upload food photo because I am "Beauty Blogger"?
I actually have one private IG account that for upload my life photo. The reason that I created another account is because I don't wish my personal account becoming a "advertising account". Sometimes I still will share about my photos that is not about food/beauty/blog but I will started to think before I upload like:"It is suitable to upload on my IG? Will it be not match with my IG profile?" Sometimes I really don't know how to do haizz...

I planning to visit Japan in 2017/2018 with my best friend during secondary but both of us study in different college & our schedule is not the same. My friends next year schedule is out. I actually want to go during November 2017 but I haven't got my university schedule yet and I don't dare to make decision for booking flight ticket because you know what will happen if crush examination time.... Someone please let me what should I do???? Just book it or change my plan?

I have so many things that I wanna to do but time is limit and I can't do it in this year especially like giveaway. Maybe some of you might still remember during the first month of the year I have host a giveaway (this one) and I actually planning to make another giveaway before the end of the year.

However, I feel like I'm still not ready to do it. I want to make it better & I want to choose the gift that I think is my favourite and is what my readers will wish to get. Besides that, I also scare that maybe no one will join too so I just give up the idea...I hope you will understand & so sorry for postpone the giveaway. *90 degree BOW*
If you wish to join the giveaway leave me the comments plssss TT

I always appreciate everything that I got. I meet new friends in my new college, working place and during the event. I am the person who is not mature, shy to talk with strangers and will become "cry baby" while I faced difficult. Thanks for my family who understand me and also my friends who accept me to be your friend. I feel thankful and happy with what I have.

Last thing, I have a quote that I find out is very meaningful:

That's all about it. I hope you guys enjoy reading and Happy Holiday :)


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  1. I don't get how someone can't like food and beauty at the same time O A O I love both and so many more! Just go with the flow girl! And it was nice meeting you the other day.(even tho I only found the guts to approach you after the event ahaha) Hope to see you in more events!! <3

    1. Hi Candace, it was nice to meet you too! Hope to see you in future event ya <3 Next time just say HI to me I won't bite you haha :P I love to meet new friends too but sometimes I just too shy to talk with someone I don't know well ><

  2. It's almost the end of the year, 2016 just passed like a blur and same as you I also try to appreciate everything even those little things. Advance Merry Christmas to you and your family, tiffany! :)

  3. Merry Christmas to you Tiffany! I wish you a good New Year. Stay healthy and be happy!

  4. A nice 2016 reflection of you sharing here, am gonna think about mine too. Merry Xmas & Happy 2017! Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  5. I for one would love to support you if you were to host a giveaway. Anyway, yeah, just go with the flow!

  6. I saw you at the Miss Whoosh Glamorous event. Not sure if you noticed me. Merry Christmas and do what you like instead of what others want you to do.

  7. hi Tiffany... never mind what people have say as long as we feel good about it ourselves... It was great meeting you...

  8. 2016 almost come to the end. Keep it up with your positive energy.

  9. Good Job on all that you've achieved in 2016. take all the good and leave the bad and start 2017 on a positive note! Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year babe!

  10. Lol some people just like to comment on other people lives. Just listen to your heart and you'll do fine babe :)

  11. Think positive in your life and do what you thing is good. May next year is a good year for everyone.

  12. Wow you have an eventful 2016. Like what you said we have to look at a brighter side of life. May your 2017 be blessed.