🚰 CURE Water Treatment Skin Cream Exclusive in Sasa ❤️

December 18, 2016

Konnichiwa Ichigo!
CURE, a well known skincare brand from Japan recently bring in their new innovated product to Malaysia- Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream after the success of their best seller Cure Natural Aqua Gel.

 Briefing for product launch.

I will talked about 2 products from Cure in this post but first, let me introduce their new launch product which is Water Treatment Skin Cream.

I searched the information about this product and I find out it is already available in some country few years ago and now we can get it in Malaysia. 
The most interesting is this product it is supposed to be a Thank You Gift (means free samples) to their royal customers however due to the high response they finally developed Water Treatment Skin Cream!

So what is the benefits of CURE Water Treatment Skin Cream?
 Suitable for all skin types
Since it is very gentle to skin, so that if you have sensitive skin also can be used it too!

Used it as emulsion + lotion
2 functions in one tube, it is super convenient for lazy people and guys!
No colouring, fragrance and oil based

Contain Hydrogen Water(75%)
It has a anti oxidant effect to help preventing skin oxidization also maintain skin hydration for a smoother and oil free complexion.

 Squeeze out small amount from the tube and spread it.

The results after a few minutes! It has become so watery like droplets of water on my hand!

It has no stickiness at all and fast absorb to my skin. It is quite fun to feel the texture because it is really cool!

Besides of Water Treatment Skin Cream, you should not miss out this product too. 
Cure Natural Aqua Gel is one of my favourite exfoliator. 
It is known as "Legendary Product" and "Monster Product" & it is the best seller product in most Asian Country since 2012.
 I started using it few months ago and it is super gentle to my skin! I hate to use scrub product due to the rough feeling on skin but Natural Aqua Gel totally changed my mind!

You can get CURE Water Treatment Skin Cream & Natural Aqua Gel which is selling at RM169 & RM115 at selected Sasa Malaysia.

(I am going to talk more about these 2 products & make a review for it in my future post so pls pls pls stay tuned ❤️)


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  1. Love the after exfoliate effect on your hand! I want to try this too =D

    1. I really love their products haha! It's so watery & it can help to hydrate my skin :D
      (Ps: the one I apply on hand is a skin cream not exfoliator 😂)

  2. I'm looking for non stickiness cream in the market and now I meet one finally. Goingto try this out to see the result. :)