🛥 Pulau Sembilan 2 Day Trip 🏝

December 28, 2016

Hello I'm back with the trip post!
This time I finally going to talk about my Pulau Sembilan 2Days trip during this Christmas. I actually never write/talk about travel in my blog since I'm not a pro for planning my trip and mostly I went to vacation with my family. Like last year I went to Taiwan but I only uploaded some photos on my social media. So since some friends wanted to know more about Pulau Sembilan and how was the agency service, food and anything, therefore this post is BORN yay!

(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All my review for this trip are based on my own personal opinion & this post would be very long if you don't wish to read just click your X botton on the right side of tap lol)

#DAY 1
There are 2 main agency most people will choose IceStar(海星旅游) but I followed Nine Island (环岛旅游)because they provide 1-day package for people who are not going to stay in the island. We have 18 persons are going to Pulau Sembilan together.

Breakfast voucher

We have our simple breakfast at the kopitiam which near the fish village dock.

Take a selfie first!

So we start our journey to Pulau Sembilan! By the way we ging there by motor boat and it tooks around 20-25mins to reach there.

We reached our destination!

Stepping on the soft white sand.

Not good at posing. Just a simple shot by my brother.

Tourists are able to enjoy swiming, play mahjong and do anything that you want beside the seaside.

They provide "buffet" lunch for tourist.

I just take as much as I can lol! So far my favourite food would be spicy sotong and curry potatoes. Others is just normal for me but their seafood are very fresh.

I also go for diving, see wild boar and also roundabout the other islands. For diving, the sea water was not very clear compared with Pulau Redang.
The activities that I mention is all arranged by the agency.

For tea time, they give us fried prawn cutlets and red bean soup and it is unlimited refill. I love their red bean soup so much but the fried prawn cutlets is not really crunchy enough and it is too thick.

Nine Island have prepared steamboat for us and ya, those food was unlimited refill too (again)! 

After we have our dinner, Nine Island also provide Karaoke for those who want to sing.

That day has a bit rainy but we glad that we are still able to see some Blue Sand beside the seaside!
We are lucky enough!

*My grandma put the blue sand on her hand*
Sorry for the unclear photo but It is so beautiful...

We leave the island at 9.30pm and we saw the Blue Sand are "jumping" beside our boat! It is so pretty but I can't capture it because it is too fast.
(This is the benefit for people who leave at night hehe...)

 For those who want to stay in island, this is the place you are going to sleep at. I heard it isjust a temporary place for tourists to camp.

#DAY 2
We stay in homestay for 1 night and so far inside of the room and everything is clean. The homestay owner also provide us extra bed and pillow for us to sleep.

*Mirror shot in homestay*
Everyone was super tired in the next day so we decide to rest till 11.30 am and ready to have our lunch at Village Sungai Burong (it is also close to the Pulau Sembilan dock).

We pass by the stall and suddenly smell something tasty haha.
The stall is just at the opposite of the Hai Yong Restaurant.

Fried prawn cutlets, pumpkin, & eggplant. Looks tempting right?

The fried prawn cutlet taste is so crunchy & even taste nicer and more satisfying than we have in Pulau Lalang. We finished all of it in not more than 5 minutes and order one plate again! No Kidding haha😂

We are going to have our lunch at Hai Yong Restaurant.

My mom make reservation before the week but when we reached the restaurant we still wait for 1 hour for our lunch. To our shock, the restaurant has only one chef and that's the main reason they need to spent so much time to prepare our food. Thank god we have so bread during the morning if not I think we will feel super hungry....😵

We finally have our first meal which is Seafood porridge (7-10 person serving).

Their porridge remind me of Teo Chew style porridge and there are many sotong and some prawn inside of it. I keep refill non stop for this!

Our second meal-Popular Huge Seafood Platter! We waiting for this for so long!

*short gif to show the whole Seafood Platter*
You can enjoy fresh seafood such as clam, crab, prawn, fishball, sotong & mantis shrimp in this super BIG platter. 
However, the tom yam prawn was not spicy at all it makes us feel a bit disappointed. Overall it cost RM388 I think it is worth because you are able to try many types of seafood and I'm not sure whether it is our appetite is too small or the platter is too big we can't finish all of it.

We also ordered a plate of MeeHun.

After we have our lunch, we going back to KL and that's all about my 2-days trip!

Before that here are some advisement:
1. Remember to bring your UV cream to prevent sunburn.
2. If you are planning to bring your grandparent to visit, I suggest not to stay in island because they might feel uncomfortable & the environment and facilities are inconvenient. 
3. Almost like the situation in 2, if you don't like camping, you can choose to rent a homestay like me which just at Village Sungai Burong nearby & only 10mins driving distance.
4. For the Seafood platter, you need to make reservation before 2 days, the restaurant need to prepare ingredient to cook. 

For people who are interested to this trip, here are the agency that I choose & restaurant that I go:
9 Island Agency 环岛旅游社
FB: 9 Island Agency Sdn Bhd

HaiYong Seafood Restaurant 海洋海鲜餐馆
FB: HaiYong Seafood Restaurant

Thanks for reading & see you in my next post XOXO❤️

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  1. I heard about Pulau Sembilan but never been there. Thats look like an awesome trip with family. Goshhh!!! that seafood look delicious!

    1. I also recently know this place & it is really suitable for famil to go :D Eat seafood non-stop during the trip haha!

  2. Have not heard about this pulau 9 until reading your blog post here. Am tempted to try all the seafood dishes! It's all looks so delicious! Will be my Cuti Cuti Malaysia in 2017. Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

    1. Ya you should visit Pulau Sembilan and you can check out the agency that I choose for my family trip to know more information as they will help you to arrange ya :)

  3. heard about this before but never actually been there yet.
    But i looking forward for it soon, cause of your seafood platter!

  4. Its dinner time here are reading your post makes me super hungry! OMG Tiffany me likey!

  5. I think I have heard about this place countless times before but I had no idea how beautiful it was. Will definitely need to know more about it soon- so will certainly check into it. Cheers to the share!

  6. definitely look like an amazing place to check out... i will put this in my bucket list too... hahaha... my bucket list is getting longer and longer.. but I WANT to see them all...

  7. wow the beach and the foods makes me drool

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