🍵 Pablo New Release Flavour - Uji Matcha from Kyoto! ❤️

January 09, 2017

こんばんわ皆さん !❤️
This is going to be my first 2017 post haha!
From my previous post, I did talked about that I already started to plan my Japan trip with my best friend since last year. Both of us want to visit Japan so much! She been to Tokyo once and she has tried the Pablo Cheesetart during the trip. She is badly in love with it & keep telling me how amazing the taste was it.

I been tried during their first launching in Malaysia last month and I really love their mini cheesetart so much! Some people compared the taste that they have in Japan and they find out the taste is slightly different. Well I guess, they have change a bit of the taste to match with Malaysian preference.

*For those who want to know more about Pablo Malaysia you can check out my previous blogpost can click HERE *

and NOW, Attention to Matcha Addict!
Pablo has release a new flavour

I'm here again :P Thanks Pablo Malaysia for inviting me!

Let me introduce you Pablo new launch cheesetart -Matcha Cheesetart!

 Matcha Cheesetart with Shiratama and Azuki (RM49.90)
There is Azuki (red bean) & Shiratama (a type of japanese mochi also known as Dango) filling but Shiratama was not in the photo...alright Shiratama was playing hide and seek with me lol 😂
Anyway, I feel that the filling is more thicker than their signature Cheesetart and you can also experience the chewy plus cheesy creamy in your mouth.

Matcha With Shiratama Frute (RM15.90)
If you feel that Matcha Cheesetart is not statisfy you enough, then just go grab yourself a Matcha With Shiratama Frute. The special things is you can drink and bite Matcha jelly and Shiratama just like bubble tea!

Matcha Cheese Soft Serve(RM11.90)
I recommend this for those who love the bitterness of Matcha because it is not too sweet and it will leave a slightly bitter aftertaste in your mouth.

Sabrel Cheese Matcha Biscuit (RM36.90)

The biscuit remind me of Shiroi Koibito(白い恋人) but the only different is the flavour.
Even though I am the big fan of Matcha but I still prefer the Sabrel Cheese flavour (original) and this biscuit taste is more bitter and less cheesy.

Another co-start beside of Uji Matcha series - Chocolate Cheesetart!
(Here's the gender remind: Please put into fridge ASAP since it is easily to be crush like the photo above)

 Freshly Baked Chocolate Cheesetart (RM49.90)
I'm not really a chocolate lover but it taste like Chocolate cheese mix with Milo and the chocolate taste is not as strong as I expect(but it is more sweeter and thicker). 
Don't like Matcha flavour, why not try Chocolate Cheesetart?

Another great news for you~ If you purchase a Baked Matcha Cheesetart on the first day of launching (11th Jan), you can get one mini Matcha soft serve for free. Be fast as there is limited quantity and it might be sold out.

#PablomyMatcha #TheOnly CheesetartfromJapan


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  1. i won't mind trying the match or the chocolate cheesetart... should be better then the original.. too cheesey for me

  2. My favourite Macha is serve there. Gonna try it out.

  3. I love matcha also! Wish to have a bite on Pablo cheesetart, bet it taste super yummy!

  4. Ah, it is a really bad idea to read your post at this hour! Love the original and chocolate but haven't tasted matcha yet! I'd love to try it soon.

  5. all I can say, that was a lot of matcha I ate in 1 day..... hahahha... love it! Love the soft ice cream

  6. Looks yummy! Is that Pablo cheese tart good for 1 person or can be sharing??

  7. Oh my they look amazingly delicious! I can't wait to try them!

    Mhaan | www.mommyrockininstyle.com

  8. I heard rave reviews about the desserts - I will make my way soon to the store!

  9. MMM! i managed to try this the other day too. Great dessert for green tea + Cheese lovers :D

  10. That Matcha cheesetart look so tasty that it almost made me jealous to see it in your hands and not mind. I gotta try it.