Diary | I missed the old time

March 04, 2017

I'm typing this post at 1 a.m. & I actually is super tired but I couldn't sleep at all ....
These two years is a BIG change in my life, from a secondary student become college student
And guess what?
My stress + tired levels are getting more higher and higher ><
Compare with last time I have become more emotional and sometimes I need to find my best friends to tell them everything that I worried and what I struggle in my life.

Now I always think that I might have mental problem LOL because I always so emo and seldom talk much with my college friends. I'm not want to keep them away from me I just feel very tired, seriously I'm tired until I don't want to talk. I have no place to express myself especially when I was emo, so what I can do is just stay alone and do everything that I like and play with my phone or just sleep zzz

After I started my college time, I have already miss everything past especially my old school friends (Guysss if you're reading this I want to say I miss you all so much! TT) I miss the time that we always chit chat non stop everyday and laugh at each other for doing the stupid things haha. Even though now we don't have much time to meet each other but hope our friendship can stay longer okay?

I'm going to graduate from my foundation programme this April and will continue my degree on the next month. However, I really hate this last sem as it is the super short sem+ I almost want to kill myself while saw all the deadline of assignment are fell on the same week. Besides the assignment, this sem course are more harder compare with the last sem. Please pray for me to pass all my exam TT #NOCHILLSEM

I have part time job for every weekends & what I can say is I'm selling clothing & my salary is lower then my previous job like 25%. You might wondering why I changed my previous job is that they always need me to commit full even though you're sick. Plus my bone is not stronger at all (I hurt my backbones for few times one is when I was 12 I jumped from high level and another time is I fell down from the staircase & stepped on the wet floor LOL so 衰) and it cause my leg and backbone pain until I can't sleep everytime after I back home from work. Sometimes it is difficult for me to walk in college. My new job is going to be more flexible and I hope I can do well JIAYOU!

I finally understand why my parents always say I need to appreciate I can study as after graduate you might not able to have your leisure time anymore TT

Alright, that's all about my thought during this time and I just throw everything I want to say here.
Hope you all enjoy reading & happy weekend ya!

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  1. Stay strong!I feel you when you say that all assignment deadline fell in the same week :'( However don't stress yourself out and it's not wrong to take a break from all these to do something you like :) I do get stressed out about studies but remember that all of these exams and assignment's crazy workload will not last forever ^_^ Wish you all the best in your studies and take care <3