Review | The Plant Base Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water & Essences

March 02, 2017

Hi Beauty! It's me again!
Today post will be talk about my review for Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water and Skin Essence which is from The Plant Base.

Before we get into the topic, I want to let you know more about The Plant Base.
The Plant Base is the brand from Korea (launched in 2005) with manufacture their famous 100% handmade soap. As the continuous demand from many customers, they started entering skincare business.
The unique proposal of The Plant Base for their Nature Solution range products are:
*Chemical Free
*No Animal Tested
*Natural Ingredient Content
*Dermatologically Tested 

So let's check out together!
The Plant Base Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water (RM102.83)
Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water is a double-layer type toner made of Bamboo(76.67%) and 14 kinds of natural blending oils moisturizes the skin all day. It helps to restore skin hydration level & builds your skin defenses against aging to leave your skin smooth and moisturize.

Product Close Look

Since it has 2 layers of water (which is the mixture of bamboo water + oils) so please make sure you shake well before using it.

I'm not sure did everyone notice the cotton pad colour got slightly unusual? ><
I actually pour the bamboo water on it & it has slightly greenish colour.

 First Expression
I can smell the strong scents from this product but it doesn't make me feel discomfort at all. Usually for my everyday skin care routine I will just soak my cotton pad and apply on my face.
It absorb well on my skin and without leaves any sticky feeling at all. I can feel my skin is not so dry compared with before using it.

If you have more time, you can soak somemore cotton pads and put on your face as mask too!
(Just like the photo above)

The Plant Base Nature Solution Hydrating Skin Essences (RM121.70)
There are 13 natural oils inside the serum by using the oil-drop technology to restore lost moisture and nutrition. It also keeps your skin fresh & moisturizing & anti-wrinkles effect.

Product Close Look

Their essences has pump head bottle so it is easily for users to control the amount they squeezed from the product.

This is how their essences looks like!

All you need to do is just squeeze out adequate amount on your hand and apply it all over your face.

First Expression
I usually will massage my face wile applying essences on my face so that it able to absorb to my skin & get rid of my chubby face especially my face is always super bloated in the morning. It has slightly sticky feeling on my skin but it leaves my skin bright.
So far I only used for 2 weeks and I still can't see the clear results but I will update everything here!

Where can I buy The Plant Base Bamboo range product?
Now you can get it from HERMO.MY (click HERE) & don;t forget to key in your discount code TPBADD10 when you check out ya!
*Voucher code valid for using starts from 6th march 2017~16 April 2017*

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