Food | Dashi Dining Saya & Dashi Delica Saya @ Isetan The Japan Store (Lot10)

April 02, 2017

Konnichiwa! Watashiwa Tiffany-san desu haha!
Today I will be going to share about Japanese food that I have at Isetan The Japan Store(Lot 10) last weekend to kick start this April!
So jom and check out together!

I assume that everyone will think that the food price in Isetan The Japan Store would be pricey. Surprisingly, Dashi Delica Saya & Dashi Dining Saya have changed my mind as they served their customers the quality food at a reasonable price.

Dashi Dining Saya is a dining place which served Chazuke (which is a Japanese dish made by pouring the green tea or dashi soup into cooked rice).

However, for Dashi Delica Saya is just opposite of Dashi Dining Saya which served the fresh dishes and you can enjoy Oden, Bento and also have some side dishes while you're having at Dashi Dining Saya.

There are many types of food for you to choose.

I have tried out two of their side dishes from Dashi Delica Saya which are recommended by the chef.

Japanese Egg Omelette (RM7)

Salt-Grilled Salmon (RM9)

Chawanmushi (RM15)

Before that, I want to talk about Dashi since some people might not really know about it.

Dashi is a Japanese Broth, and you can actually saw it in many Japanese foods.
The main ingredient of Dashi, kombu (dried kelp) and bonito flakes.

Rice with Hot Dashi Soup Grilled Salmon Flakes (RM27)

This is known as 茶泡饭/茶浸饭 in Chinese. To enjoy the rice, all you need to do is just pour the dashi broth into the bowl.
The portion of rice is quite big for me and the good thing is this set you can refill the dashi soup as many as you want!

I have also order Take Set(RM35) for myself which comes with 6 mini dishes, dashi soup and rice!

From Top Left
This Take Set including Fried Chicken "Saya Style", Japanese Traditional Stew "Chikuzenni", Potato Vege Croquette, Tofu and Kinoko Mushroom with Dashi Sauce, Tomato with Apple Juice, and Grilled Mackerel with Eryngi Mushroom "Saya Style".

I love this take set so much as I'm able to try out 6 side dishes together at the same time. 
Fried chicken, Potato Vegetable Croquette and Tomato with Apple Juice are my favourite dishes. For the croquette it is supposed to be beef but since I couldn't eat so they help me to change to vegan! The Tomato is so juicy and sweet & you will feel like you're having an apple.

Thanks to Mr Masao for inviting me to try out the food from Dashi Dining Saya and Dashi Delica Saya.

Dashi Dining Saya & Dashi Delica Saya
LGF, Lot 10, 50 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.

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