Review | Veet Sensitive Touch Beauty Trimmer

April 15, 2017

Hello Berries!
Today this post will be about a product review which I got during Veet Workshop (click HERE) which is called Veet Sensitive Touch.

Usually my eyebrow is did by beauty salon as I know my skills is super "chatchat" or I will use hair removal cream to remove hairs, however sometimes it will burn my skin so I decided to give myself a try see whether this product is work on me.

Let's check out together!

There is a  white pouch to put everything in.

It also has a styler cap to cover the trimming head.

It comes with 2 types of trimming head and comb.

I have no idea where I want to use this big comb attachment on any part of my body

It has a mini brush is for you to clean your trimming head after used.

My Thoughts

As they guarantee that you need not to fear about cut while using this beauty trimmer, so I try to put on my face area and seriously NO PAIN!

Now I going to try it on my eyebrow!

I draw my brow shape to make it easier to trim.


The size of this beauty trimmer is quite compact-able and you can just put it into beauty pouch and go! Besides, it also did a really great job on trim and gloom my eyebrow too!

Anyway, I actually have the bad experience with it, because of that "accident" I found out that it is not suitable for beginners to use at all.

Why I would said that is when I first time using it, I accidentally trimmed my right eyelashes which cause me couldn't use mascara for almost 1 month LOL I so speechless when this happen to me and my lil brother and mom keep laughing at me too!
I'm not sure am I the only one who faced this problem but I sure some people do HAHA! It's better for me to let beauty salon gaodim lah.

Overall I will rate this product 6 out of 10 as it can trim ad gloom my eyebrow easily and my advise for beginners is please practice with using traditional trimmer before used it LOL.

That's all about my experiences with using Veet Sensitive Touch!
See you in next post bye~

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