Beauty | G9 Skin White In Milk Whipping Form, Creamy Cushion & 3D Volume Gum Mask

May 28, 2017

Anneong Berries! How are you? (I kinda miss myself for posting about beauty products)
I always admired Korea female idols and actress's skin as their makeup look super natural. Not only that, their skin looks bright and healthy too even without the makeup unlike my skin which is more like dull and tired. Everytime I watching kdramas and mv, I will thinking how can I have the good skin like them?

So today I'm going to share about the beauty products that I received it from G9 Skin which are White In Milk Whipping Form, Creamy Cushion and 3D Volume Gum Mask!

G9 Skin have actually send me three of their best selling products (as I mention above) & their packaging makes me want to try out all of it!

It's all PASTEL PINK! So cute and pretty right!?

I'm pretty sure everyone will have this question in your mind.

It's a beauty brand from Korea and according to what I search from Google, this brand is actually a sister brand of Berrisom. Unfortunately, I can't really find much information about this brand because  couldn't find their official website & it is quite new in the market.

G9 Skin products contain 9 natural ingredients which are below this photo.
Let's check out one by one!

G9 Skin White In Milk Whipping Form (RM76.00)
 Let's start from their cleanser!
G9 Skin White In Milk Whipping Form helps to remove dead skin cell & also remove makeup and impurities.

| Product Details |

I personally love the scents of this cleanser & i think that this product will be suitable for lazy people who always not remove their makeup as it cleans your skin at the same time remove your makeup.

Another pretty pink packaging cushion from G9 Skin!
 It is a combination of primer + sun protection SPF 50+ PA+++, which has prefect coverage to create instant brightening, anti wrinkles & UV sun block.
Inside look of cushion.

 When you open inside, you will see the pink logo and it is actually a pink primer!
This cushion contains 50% moisturizing essence with signature 9 ingredients which able to moisturize your skin!

I usually using it while I don't feel like want to have heavy makeup or going to university as it gives me a glowing and natural look. You can also apply it before or after your makeup.

 G9 Skin 3D Volume Gum mask 5Pcs (RM67.00)
This mask is going to be my face life savior as I have a dull face haha!
It not just only helps to moisturize your skin yet whitening and anti-winkles.
The special things about this mask is it has 3 dimension design which able to fit onto your skin perfectly.

Front and back of mask.

 The mask is thinner than I expect.

This is how it looks like! It is very comfortable on my face as it is super light weight but it can absorb the essence.
*I hope you won't get shock after saw this photos LOL*

| Where you can get G9 Skin's products? |

You can check out Hermo Malaysia for more details! Psss tell you a secret, Hermo Malaysia are selling G9 Skin special set in reasonable price so don't forget to check out!

That's all about my review! Thanks for reading and I will see you soon in next post!

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