Food | CHIZU is in the town!

May 05, 2017

Haii Berries! Can you imagine the combination of cheese with tea drink ?
I think all of you might feel that the taste will be super weird and unacceptable, but I pretty sure that CHIZU will change your mind!

I was invited to CHIZU grand opening ceremony at Sunway Pyramid, thanks for inviting me!

CHIZU, also known as "cheese" in Japanese, which served hand-crafted tea and coffee with the top of cream cheese form. You are able to choose to enjoy 4 types of tea beverages which are Jasmine Green Tea, Premium Red Tea, Season Tea, and Japanese Roasted Oolong Tea with either Less Cheese/ Super Flavour.

*OMG Michelle I just realized I have take photo of you and I somemore said I never meet you before HAHA!*

Spotted Suki in their advertisement video!  
*so cute haha*

If you want to watch the full video, you can click the video down below~~

The ambassadors of CHIZU with celebrity.

Interview session of how they think about CHIZU drink.

There are some selection are still not available while I visited their outlet hope I can try their premium coffee!

Can you see how creamy the foam is!!!

I have ordered Jasmine Green Tea with Super Flavour!

  I have also tried out their Matcha Green Tea with Red Bean too! I love the strong taste of matcha drink and it is not too sweet for me.

This is how it will looks like after your first dip of the drink haha.You can take an selfie with it and hashtag #chizudrink on your social media!

Don't forget to visit their outlet and grab one for yourself!


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