Food | Pablo Mini Cinnapple 🍎 & Matcha 🍶

May 04, 2017

Hi Berries!
If you have follow my IG(or if you're new readers and haven't follow me yet please follow me now ahaha! >> @leetiffanyyy ), you will know that Pablo had release 2 new Pablo Mini which are Cinnapple and Matcha woo-hoo!

Pablo MY has never make me disappointed as they will always bring a new and limited flavor to Malaysia to give their customers a different taste experiences.
So let check out together!

BTW you can check out my previous Pablo review post by click HERE!

 You can saw those "tiny tiny" apple cubes on the top!


It has become one of my favorite Pablo Mini !
Some people might not like the cinnamon taste but actually for me, without the cinnamon taste it's not unique anymore :( *this is just what I thought*
This flavour is only until 31th May so quickly get yourself one at 1Utama!

And also another MUST TRY, Matcha Pablo Mini!!

Close look of it hehe!

Looks very tempting also right?
If you are not a really cheese lover you can give a try for Pablo Mini Matcha as it is less cheesy compared with the other Pablo Mini :) It also remind me of Matcha chocolate too.

If you asked me which one is the best, I would say that I have no idea because I love both!

I have a great news wanna to share with all of you! Now Pablo Malaysia are having buy one free one promotion for Pablo Mini Matcha every Tuesday!

Do let me know which is your favourite Pablo Mini by comment down below! I would like to know too ><

Thanks for reading & see you all in the next post!

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