Review | Unparelleled Grace Homemade Dried Fruits

May 07, 2017

Haii Berries!
Nowadays it is important to have a healthy lifestyle and the most easiest way is start from "MOUTH".
Why I would said that is because we usually complaining why we couldn't lose weight or getting fatter even though you have work out but we actually never think about what we eat is also one of the big effect to your body.
Drink water is a 101 to stay healthy as a lot of people don't like to drink plain water and will only go for soft drink or something at least have taste.
So I'm going to introduce this to all handsome/ pretty who want to stay healthy and hate drink water!

Unparalleled Grace has sell many types of dried fruit and I have choose two types of dried fruit and snacks which are:
Why Dried Fruits from Unparalleled Grace ?
Their dried fruits are made with fresh fruits without any added sugar and and coloring. 
Besides, it is very convenient for people who are lazy to prepare the fruits or seldom eat fruits, all you need to do is just have it as snacks or make it as detox water!

Let's have some close look with each of it!
Crunchy Banana!
You can have it as snack while watching TV/Movies & study without feeling guilty because it is fruits!

I love granola so much as it has raisins and oats, it just like crunchy cookies for me haha.

I sprinkle some dried banana, cereal and granola into my Greek yogurt bowl for my breakfast too!

Alright I know the photos is not "instagramable" at all but I just want to show the example xD

Dried Lemon
It looks quite similar with orange right?

Dried Orange
I think orange and lemon is the most common to see in detox water and I like the refreshing taste when I put it into my water bottle.

You can do it like detox water just like how I did!
I actually uploaded on my IG before so here are one of the example!
Thanks all about my thoughts about Unparalleled Grace Homemade Dried Fruits, if you're interested you can check out their Facebook page to find out more!


Bye and enjoy your weekend!

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