Review | Kao Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask

June 23, 2017

I always in love with every Japan products as their products sometimes can be creative at the same time is useful. I never been in Japan but always wish that I could visit my favourite place one day.
However, I glad that now Malaysia has started to bring in more and more Japan products so that I can buy without flying to Japan.

This time I'm going to share with you one of the popular and must buy Japan product which are
KAO Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask
 KAO Megrhythm is a well known health and beauty product in Japan & it is also a No1 Best Selling in Japan special eye mask which able to calm your tired eyes, working stress and sleepless night problem. So far there are 5 types in Malaysia market which are:

 Unscented is suitable for people who prefer no fragrance.

 Lavender-Sage Aroma which able to give you a snuggly & comfortable sleep.

Happy & energetic scent from Rose Aroma (my personal favourite).
Calm and relaxing scent from Yuzu aroma.

Last but not least, a fresh and pleasant scent from Chamomile aroma.

|What's the features of KAO MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask?|
#Warm Steam Effect
The mask will produce a confortable heat steam (40C) which helps to moisture and soothe your tired eyes. (It is not for cure panda eyes but calm your tired eyes

#Warms Up Immediately
It will starts to warm immediately once you open it from the pouch. Not need to wait 

#Ear Straps Design 
You can just sleep or sit in any position as it has the ear straps which able to prevent slipping and sliding.

|How To Use?|
Open & remove the eye mask from the pouch.

Once you take off from the pouch it starts to heat so make sure your next step must as fast as possible.

Tear along perform & place the ear straps around ears.
Do remember place the white-coloured side on your eyes & longer notched edge down.

That's easy right?
You can enjoy eye-relaxing steam "treatment" at home with KAO Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask just like me LOL! XD

|How much & where can I get it?|
 *sorry for hiding my face as my mouth is too ugly LOL*
The price is selling at RM23 per box which contains 5 pieces of eye mask & you can get it at Aeon Wellness and Watsons nationwide. For online it is available at Lazada, Lmall and 11Street too!
Here's the link so you can check out!

Oh ya if you feel like want to try out before purchase few boxes, you can get a free sample of Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask with clicking the link below!

That's all about my sharing session today. Till the next post!

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