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June 28, 2017

I find out that I have never reviewed about any of lip product on my blog before. So today I will be doing special swatches and tested review about liquid lipsticks from Orkid Cosmetic which I received during Butterfly Turns4 Birthday Party!

This is my first time to use local beauty makeup product & I got my very first nude liquid lipstick from Colorpop but the shades that I got is too light for me and I still have no idea when to use it. I have a dry lip so I need to use lip balm everytime I apply.

Orkid Cosmetics is a local high-quality beauty cosmetics brand that founded by Raeesa Sya- famous beauty blogger in 2016. Their matte liquid lipsticks are made in Malaysia &I checked out their website and find out there is only 8 shades in their collection so far. I hope they will bring more colours so that I can get more shades for myself hehe!

I appreciate that their products are halal, 100% cruelty-free & vegan so that I can recommend it to my Muslim & vegan friends.
The four shades that I got it are Blush, Mars, Turnt, and Vibes.

 Here's the close look of the swatches for each shade.
It gives a matte finish and after it dries it will become transfer-proof. However, the colour still will disappear if you have any oily food and drinks. Before using matte liquid lipstick, make sure to use lip scrub then apply lip balm to avoid crack lips.

I actually try all the shades without applying lip balm and it still looks fine (just has a bit of lip line), woah!😍

If you are a beginner for trying out matte lip lipstick I would suggest you try out BLUSH first since it is peach pink shades that are suitable for daily look & not too outstanding compare with other 3 shades. This is also one of my personal favourite lip colours!
For MARS it is a deep rose shades and it looks super red on me while I try it on my lips (their lip colour are so pigment!). However, it is great for dinner makeup & events. I will recommend this both shades for everyone as it is suitable for any skin tone but just MARS will look super red on the white skin so be ready to get people's attention hehe!

TURNTS and VIBES are the MLBB shades that I never tried before.

TURNTS shades look similar with BLUSH but the only difference is TURNTS is more to dark warm chocolate. So far TURNTS is the one which stays longest on lips compared with others three shades. I need not touch up frequently while having out with my friends.

Besides, VIBES is nude chocolate shades & it is also long-lasting shades which I think is because both shades are quite pigment while applying on lips. Even though I love VIBES but you can actually see your lip lines if you didn't scrub & moisturise your lip well before application.

I'm glad that I finally found the liquid lipstick that is suitable for me who have dry lips. It is also easy to remove with using makeup cleansing water. Guess what? The price of each liquid lipstick is only cost RM39 which I think is quite reasonable for everyone so we can get more for ourself *nge nge nge*

Now if subscribe to Orkid Cosmetics newsletter, you will receive RM5 off promotion code for any purchase!
What are you waiting for?❤️

I hope my review is helpful for you and I will see you in the next post!

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  1. My favourites are actually Mars and Blush...hehehhe you look really pretty with all of them...