Review | Wanderlust Things Unicorn Face Makeup Brushes 🦄

June 24, 2017

Hello Berries!
I'm finally back with another beauty product review which is all about the brushes that make a lot of girls get crazy with it!

 Ta-daaaaaa! Is Unicorn Brushes!!!!!😍

These unicorns makeup brushes were used to be in one of my wishlists & I actually couldn't afford the price in Sephora*If you know it then you will understand why*. I really want it so badly because it is just too pretty & I haven't get myself face makeup brushes yet.
But nowwwww I find out Wanderlust Things is selling it at only RM89 which is much more cheaper and affordable for students like us and everyone!


There are two choices available at Wanderlust Things & I get the face makeup brush and another one is for eyes. At first I thought the quality of brush bristles will be just so-so until I try to touch it & surprisingly find out that IT IS ACTUALLY SO FLUFFY AND SMOOTH!!

I was confused about the brushes since there are some I actually not too sure the function of some brushes. The function that I mentioned above is just what I assume so it might be wrong but as long as you''re comfortable with it so why not just follow your own way? 

So I'm using the first brush which is for blushers but I find out it doesn't really pick up much powders from my blusher.

This face powder brush is loose and wide compared to the blusher brush. I used it to set my base makeup 

I sometimes will contour my face when I tied up my hair since I have a moon-shape face lol. It is also can be used as a blush brush if you're not a big fan of contouring.

I assume this brush is for highlight but it actually is more like for foundation HAHA! This is my first time to try applying highlight on my face however since I have no highlight powder so I replaced it with eyeshadow. It actually did a great job but just the colour of eyeshadow is not really suitable for me to use as a highlight.

This brush is the smallest in this set & it is obviously for nose contour but you can actually use it as eyeshadow brush to blend too!

Overall I think that it is super worth to get this brush as it is not just for decoration yet good quality. You can head on to Wanderlust Things to explore more brushes design & lovely stuff!

*Can you spot Harry Potter and Rose Gold Makeup Brushes??*

Last but not least, don't forget to use this promotion code(shown in the photo above) for 20% discount before checkout!

That's all about my review for this colourful makeup brush set and I hope it is helpful for you :) Hope you can get yourself a dreamy makeup!

Wanderlust Things
Facebook: @wanderlustthingsshop
Instagram: @wanderlustthings
Thanks for reading and I will see you very soonnnn❤️ 

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