Event | Chilling Weekend with Diamond & Arissto Music Party

June 16, 2017

Last weekend, I was invited to attend Diamond and Arissto Music Party which was held at One City, Puchong. This party was exclusive for families and fellow friends who are long term consumers. It was filled with chill, good environment, coffee, music and also crowd of people.

Thanks for having me Diamond & Arristo!

 Maybe some of you know might not know about Diamond & Arissto, let me have a simple and quick introduction about this two brand.

Diamond is one of the famous International Water Filtration System leading brands in Malaysia which was founded in 1995. Diamond Water is the earliest model in their market and they just recently launched Diamond Coral.
*My family already start using Diamond Water when I was a child*
However, Arristo is a new brand in market (also known as sister brand of Diamond) specialize in Italian coffee making.

Diamond Coral Water Bar has a new 3 second instant heat technology. It will heat up the water in 3 seconds without repeat boiling. Therefore it won't produce harmful chemical water and safe for your family to drink.

 Some of us might not like to drink water because it is tasteless. What I like from this machine is you can add your flavour fruits such as lemon, strawberry and cucumber for serving. It is a really great ideas for people who wish to start their healthy lifestyle.

There are 3 buttons which are allow to choose whether you want to drink hot, warm and cold water.
It has 3-in-1 function in it so it also save space for you to put in the kitchen.

For Arissto Happy Maker, they're selling 80% below of the price of cafe-crafted coffee. Guess what? You can actually get it for free with purchase of Arissto Coffee Capsule.

It is a great options for people who always went to cafe because it helps you to save money too! It brings the coffee maker to a more affortable and popular era.

Each of the Arissto's signature flavours are created by Italian Coffee masters & it served the 100% original Italian premium coffee taste and pleasant aroma without any artificial additives added. You're able to enjoy the Italian premium coffee anytime at home or office with Arissto's Happy Maker machine.

Another good news is that they have launched another 2 brand new flavour which are Luna and Choco which is suitable for non-coffee consumers. It sound great right?

  There is a booth outside which is for everyone to experience doing their own coffee art.

 Since I saw a lot of people there so I decided to give myself a try.
However, when I trying to follow the samples to draw with chocolate syrup but accidentally squeeze to much lol! I seriously no 天分 to make coffee...

The party begin with singing performance by local musicians to welcome everyone.

After the singing performance, followed by kpop dance performance by students.

Briefing & customers' sharing testimonial session.

They also have fun & interesting interact activities with audiences. During the Q&A session, a lot of people trying to answer the questions so that they can get the prize from the host.

 *Guess who's hand it is?*
They also let us experience how Diamond water helps our skin by putting cotton which contain Diamond alkaline water. We feel our skin is hydrated by it and some people might experience whitening skin.
After the end of the party, everyone get their door gift from Diamond & Arissto as appreciation.

That's all about the music party & thanks again Diamond & Arissto!
I enjoyed your coffee & music party & hope to join your coffee session again!

For more information for Diamond & ARISSTO, you can log on to

Thanks for reading, I will see you soon in the next post!

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