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July 16, 2017

Oh hello my fellow Berries!
Today I will review about the contact lenses that I received it from Barbie Eyesland.My last week!

I am a person who needs to wear spec for 24/7 and always looking for the contact lens that is comfortable at the same time to make my eyes look bigger. I seldom wear lens to university (except attend an event or hang up with friends). I have two difference eyesight power: Left (350), Right (500) so if you have the same problem with me you have to grab two pairs for yourself (money pain...)

I find out that Barbie Eyesland.My has provided so many choices for the contact lenses on their website & it takes 2 days for me to decide the colour and designs that I want lol. However, if you seriously have no idea at all I will suggest you check out their Facebook page for video demo or find "BEST SELLER" category on their website.The price range of Barbie Eyesland.My cosmetic lenses are around RM25-RM30 each pair so I think that the price is quite affordable.
Most important thing is that their contact lenses are 3 months disposable, so girls we can save money already *sob sob*
There are some super nice designs (mostly is their top sellers) will be sold out very fast so once it is available on their website, you better faster put into the shopping cart! If not you will regret lol.
Oh My Darling Brown is one of the designs that I have chosen for myself. It is also one of the best sellers in their website too! It just looks so pretty and natural for me.

Unboxing time!

It comes with 4 contact lens case since I have ordered 4 pairs for myself & there are some candies inside too! (so sweet aww...)

 I personally love the packaging of the contact lens especially the floral printed design.

This is my first time for using the contact lens that is inside the bottle.

Okay, now I going to show you how it looks like after I put on Oh My Darling Brown contact lens!
I was amazed by this contact lens, it is just too prettyyyy!
I try to wear it for 6 hours & my eyes have not much dryness feeling. Most importantly, it is super comfortable! The only cons that I could find in this contact lens are it doesn't completely fit my pupil, well that is just a small matter.

Allow me to show more photos of myself here XD

Will I repurchase again?
Definitely YESSS! I love how it makes my look so different and natural. I also have purchased Oh My Starry Grey but I still haven't tried out yet. I hope it will look as nice as this haha!

Thanks again to Barbie for sending me their contact lenses!

Last but not least, do check out their website as they're having the promotion now! If you purchase more you will get more discounts! Super worth right?
(Disclaimer: I actually did pay some for the lenses so it is not complete sponsored, and I reviewed it based on my personal experience. )


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Goodnight & have a sweet dream!

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  1. Hehehe thanks babe for your review.. I'm going to get a few for myself too

    1. You're welcome babe! You should check out their website there is a lot of pretty designs that is worth to grab hehe!