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July 28, 2017

Ohai Berries!
So I'm back with another review post
When I uploaded my review about G9 Skin White in Whipping Cream, I find out some of my readers have never heard about G9 Skin before. I decided to put the two link down below so that you can check out my review about their products :)

 🍼G9 Skin White in Milk Whipping Foam, Creamy Cushion & 3D Volume Gum Mask🍼

 🍼G9 Skin White in Whipping Cream🍼

 Let's get back to the topic.
Today I will be going to do a swatches and review post for G9 Skin First Lipstick! I'm so excited to receive these lipstick as it is my first full range collection.
For me, lips without lipstick are like cake without frosting(I'm not sure whether are you agree with me or not). I actually can go uni without having any makeup but lip products. If you're my course mate you can find out I almost change my lip colour in every single day HAHA

Before we start, let's check out some information about G9 Skin First Lipstick!
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For G9 Skin First Lipstick, it comes with five shades which are: 01 Midnight Red, 02 Dry Rose, 03 Dazzling Pink, 04 Peach Brown, and 05 Vintage Red.

It is actually a matte lipstick which contain Shea Butter & Tocopheryl Acetate that for moisturizing your lips without applying lip balm.

Here are the swatches for each lipstick.
I find out Peach Brown is the most unique colour among these five shades. I can't wait to see how it will look like after applying on my lips.

So I will be trying out each lipstick on my lips.
Are you ready?
Starting off with 01 Midnight Red,
which is a super red shades that suitable for dinner and party look!

This shade might not suitable for daily look but you can actually using it to create a gradient lip look.
*It make me look so lady lol*

Second shades, 02 Dry Rose
If you are a person who always goes for natural makeup look, I think that this shade is going to be a great choice for you! Even though it will slightly make your lips look dry but if you apply a lip balm that will be fine.

Dazzling Pink is one of my recommend shade as it is one of a new trend colour haha! I quite afraid of this shade since I think that it will make my face look dull. Surprisingly, it is out of my expectation and I actually love it!

MLBB is the new trend in lipstick industry & I think it is suitable for pretty who wish to try nude lipstick. However, this shade is not my cup of tea as the shade is too choco for me.

Last but not least, 05 Vintage Red!
 Okay this is my personal favourite as it will give me an elegant look and most important thing is that is not too red! This shade is just like the combination of shade 01 Midnight Red + 04 Peach Brown! I will definitely wear it to my uni.

🍑My Review🍑
Overall, there are some lip shades I would suggest to apply lip balm before applying on lips. As you can see in some photos my lip winkles are very obvious & some are not. This is just my opinion as I have sensitive lips which will easily crack while applying matte lip products. 
On the other hand, I also find out these lipstick are not so user-friendly especially when you're trying to apply nicely but you will just apply out of the lip line lol. To avoid this happen, you can try to get a lip brush so you can apply it properly.
However, I think it is still a worth-to-get lipstick as it is long lasting & suitable for most of the skin colour so you need not worry about which shade will suit you or which are not.

How Much For Each Lipstick?
It will be between RM60-72 depends on which online site that you're going to get it. So far there is three beauty website is selling G9 Skin products but is in different price. You can check out each of it and do a compare.
 Click it to find out more!
G9 Skin Malaysia

That's all about my thoughts for G9 Skin First Lipstick and I hope it is helpful for you :)

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. This G9 skin first lipstick stay very long on my lip. the colour is totally my cup of tea. Really like it, it suits my medium tan skin.