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July 25, 2017

 Hello my berries!🍓
So today I will be reviewing the product from G9 Skin which is called White in Whipping Cream!

This is not my first time to use G9 Skin products and I personally recommend their cleansing foam the most because it can clean my skin and remove my makeup at the same time. I also observed in their super pastel pink & cute packaging!
I did try out their whitening cushion and masks as well if you wish to read my review you can click the link below to refer back ❤️

Like what I mentioned in my previous post about G9 Skin, it is actually a breand from Korea which is under Berrisom . I would say that it is still quite new in the beauty market so I could'nt find much info about it.
Their products contain 9 natural ingredients which are:
Here's some simple information about G9 Skin Real Milk In Whipping Cream.

Basically, this whitening cream is helps to improve the colour tone of your skin and eliminate the wrinkles. You can use it at the last stage of skincare and base makeup.

The texture of the whipping cream is smooth and it will have water-drop effect once you start to rub into your skin. Yet, if you don't let the products absorb properly, you can clearly see the white lines appear on your skin.

 So let's try out on the face!
Here's my bare face look before using the whitening cream.
*you can ignore my panda eyes*

I find out the cream need to take some times to let it completely absorb to the skin. 

 Here's the look after completely absorb to the skin.
I can clearly see my face has become brighter and surprisingly it does not make my face look as white as ghost haha! It doesn't have much coverage for cover blemishes &dark circles but if you did not have any trouble skin it is fine for you. It will leave a matte finish on the skin so if you usually like matte look you can go with it.

Will I repurchase again?
I would say maybe yes or no.
Overall, the product really helps to tone up your skin but it is just a temporary effect. Your skin tone will back to normal after washing it. For skincare, I might need to take long term to see the results.
I will still use it for my base makeup & daily skincare.

Where you can get it?
You can actually find G9 Skin products just at Vline Cosmetic, HERMO.MY& Beauty Stall My!
You may check out their others products as well. Sometimes they will have promotion or selling in sets so don't miss out!

G9 Skin Malaysia

That's all about my thoughts for G9 Skin Real Milk In Whipping Cream !
I hope that my review is helpful for you so you can refer to it & get the products that is suitable for your skin!

Goodnight XOXO

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  1. I love matte finish! The cream looks quite thick tho. I do love their packaging a lot! So adorable 😍

    1. Yess I seriously love their packaging so much!!! The cream will make your skin brightening and now I using it everyday for my skincare to see whether it will improve my skin tone or not...