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August 31, 2017

Oh hello berries!🍓
If you're are the person like me who is seldom visit cafe, maybe you can read this post.

In past few years, my family always have 3-in-1 coffee which we actually know that it is not good for our health so recently we have changed to blend coffee bean. However, I find out my dad is not good at using the coffee machine and he always rely on me or my brother to help him lol. And finally, I get the free trial program for Arissto Italian Premium Coffee!

If you have read my previous post about Diamond and Arissto Music party, I have actually briefly introduced about this coffee machine. Now in this post, I'm going to talk more details!

Arissto Italian Premium Coffee was crafted by coffee masters from Italian and they choose the highest quality Arabica coffee beans from the mountains at an altitude of 2000 meters in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Togo, Kenya, Ethiopia and other places. Arissto Italian Premium Coffee served original coffee taste without artificial additive added. The great thing about Arissto is that they also preserve good quality coffee at affordable price. It claims that one cup of cafe-crafted coffee is equal to four cups of Arissto Coffee!
Arissto Coffee price can be as low as
Espresso :RM2.30
Long Black :RM2.30
Cappuccino :RM3.80

Now with Arissto Italian Premium Coffee, you can just enjoy your Italian premium coffee at home anytime! It is just very simple to use this machine so you need not worry that this machine will be complicated to you and your parents anymore!

So I will be teaching step by step and sharing my experiences with using Arissto Capsule Coffee Happy Maker,
Let's begin!

Firstly, fill the water into the water tank. 
For better taste, you can try to add some fruits and dried rose into it.

You can see a lot of colorful things and it is actually coffee capsule!

When you open the capsule, you can clearly see the brew coffee bean inside.
There are six types of Arissto coffee capsules, there are two flavors just launched recently which are Luna and Choco!

I have received three types of capsule which are Luna, Passion and Milk capsules.
Insert milk capsules first and after it pouring out, insert your desired coffee capsule into the coffee maker.

There is two button on the machine which you can choose to make Espresso or Americano.

And my Italian Coffee is done!

If you want to know more clearly, I have actually make a short video for how to use Arissto Capsule Coffee Happy Maker.

Arissto Capsule Coffee Happy Maker is very convenient for my parents to use, they really like and enjoy their Italian Coffee! The coffee is slightly bitter for me but I personally love the low-calories milk so much & I can even just drinking the plain milk as well!

I have something good to share with you, now Arissto Italian Premium Coffee has organized a free trial program for you so you can experience using Arissto Capsule Coffee Happy Maker like how I did. It is completely free of charge for you to try out!

For more information,
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  1. Love them espresso machines! My regular morning fix!

  2. Ohhh, I love the smell of coffee in the morning. I had one coffee maker at my house, which I never used because I don't know how. This one looks easy though.

  3. Thanks for the awesome and details review! I love your last photos as you were really enjoying the cup of coffee with Arissto!

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