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September 20, 2017

Hello berries!
I assume that you have heard about this:
80% eating 20% workout
Although exercise is important, but the way we eat is also one of the main key to stay healthy. We will choose to self cooking for preparing our own food because we're able to control the portion and calories of foods. However, it is hard for office people and students to prepare their own food as they're busy in work.

So today I'm going to introduce Kurin, a great place for enjoying healthy food!
Kurin started their business by online delivery, as more customers requested, they finally open their first outlet in Nu Sentral Mall! They served nutritious poke bowls, ,salads,soba noodles,sushi donut, sandwiches and pokeritto.

Kurins kitchen is design in transparency which allow customers to see how their food is prepared.

I was lucky to see how they prepared the salmon everyday.
They cut the salmon fish into dice shape for poke bowls' topping.

Poke Bowl, also known as Hawaiian ahi bowl, are latest food trend in Malaysia & usually it has raw fish cubes on top with some toppings, veges and carb as base. It is also one of the easiest way to eat clean and healthy.
*For me it is more like Hawaiian's version economic rice haha!*

For Poke Bowl, you can choose to put Salmon, Tuna, Chicken and Tofu as your Poke Bowl's topping, Japanese short grain or brown rice as base. For people who is on diet they also offer lettuce and cabbage to replace carb.

Here's my personalized Poke Bowl!
I have choose raw salmon as my topping, mix of vegetables, and short grain rice as my base. You can add anything that you like into this bowl.

Sushi Lunch Set
If you're craving for sushi and salmon, I would suggest to try out this lunch set from Kurin. To my surprise, this Kurin's Sushi Lunch Set is only selling at RM18 which is quite affordable for everyone.

The sushi is bigger than I expected & the salmon is really fresh as well.
If you're a big eater you can get this lunch set as it can makes you feel full and gives energy for recharging your body batteries at the same time. Most importantly, YUMMY!

If you're in rush and want to have a quick meal, sandwish is also a great option for you to solve your meal. I highly recommend Salmon Spicy Mayo Sandwish for you!

I'm so surprise that Kurin has collaborated with The Cool Cold Pressed Juice, Heal protein drinks and Amazin' Graze healthy snacks as well for customers to have more selection. 

For Heal Protein Powder drink, you can choose either Classic Coffee, Matcha Latte and SIgnature Chocolate. (I tried Class Coffee and Match Latte before and it taste good!!)

You can get Amazin's Graze Healty Snacks instead of having junk food and snacks.

If you're working at KL or just nearby, do drop by Kurin to have a healthy lunch/ dinner after work.
You can get good quality ingredients, fast services and healthy eats at Kurin as low as RM6!

For more information,
Lot 5-10, Nu Sentral Mall,
201,Jalan Tun Sambanthan,
50470 KL.


Opening Hours:
Weekdays and Weekend

Thanks for reading and hope I won't make you feel hungry at this time haha!

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  1. OMG...they even have sushi sets? That's one way to surely win me over...hahahhaha...Kurin will probably be my go-to food nowadays since I am home based now..hhahaha

  2. diet...healthy lunch or dinner after work !