Event | Enchanted Forest 2017 by D'Danze Academy

December 12, 2017

In collaboration with D’Danze Centre and Danze Pointe Music and Dance School, D'Danze Academy will present Enchanted Forest at Theatre Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC).

Enchanted Forest is an original fairy tale story by directors Dianne Yap and Ooi Mee Kean, but it is inspiration from myths and folklore of various cultures, most notably the Greek myth of Pandora’s Box.

Enchanted Forest also revise repertoire from George Balanchine’s Jewels and Alexander Gorsky’s The Little Humpbacked Horse, while most of the items are originally choreographed by senior and junior teachers.

The story of Enchanted Forest is basically about a curious kid, Jamie who was approached by a little pixie. He determined to make amends, and followed the pixie into the Enchanted Forest. The Curses were out there, and there was no way to recapture them. To break the curses, all Jamie could do was seek out the five Jewels.

  The school concert is held once every three years, for giving students a chance to experience stage performance as well as genres of dance outside ballet. There are total of 139 dancers from aged 4 to 22 participating in the concert this year.

If you are interested in this performance, do visit www.dpac.com.my or contact 03-4065 0001 to get your tickets!
Enchanted Forest 2017 also available for a Buy 10 Free 1 promotion for student tickets, which is only for December 15th (8pm) show, you can contact Suzanne Liew (016-222 8022) to purchase. 
Don't miss out!

For more details,
Enchanted Forest 2017
Damansara Performing Art Centre (DPAC)

Date & Time:
15 December 2017 (8pm) | 16 & 17 December 2017 (2pm, 8pm)

Ticket Price:
Category 1 (RM98) | Category 2 (RM68)


Suzanne Liew 
016-222 8022

Clariece Leong 


*all images are credited to D'Danze Academy*

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