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December 28, 2017

Ohai Pitches! 
I was invited to watch PP3 premiere screening last week & YES, I'm going to talk about my thoughts on movie "Pitch Perfect 3"!  If you haven't watched yet and don't want to know anything about this movie, you better close this post HAHA!

Alright, now back to the topic.
I have been watched Pitch Perfect first and second series at high school but I find out the story plot doesn't really attracted me (as I'm not a movie person). However, one thing that I enjoyed the whole movie is their singing performance and I was surprised by their singing skills too.

For your information, Pitch Perfect 3 is again produced by Paul Brooks & directed by Trish Sie. The storyline of Pitch Perfect 3 is about the Bellas after graduated from college & move on to the real world to begin their career life, they find out their life was depressed without in team.They reunited together during they watch  & accept the offer for joining the USO tour as they wish to sing together for their one last time.

The challenges that faced by Bellas since they reached airport was their opponents(Ruby Rose's Band-Evermoist) are using instruments for their performance, which Bellas are performing with acapella. They also get informed that DJ Khaled will choose only one team to be his concert opening performance team. Although their opponents are strong, they did not give up and choose to put more effect on their performance to show that they can do well without an instrument. However, they failed the challenge because of bugle blasted. Still, the issue does not stop them to achieve their dream and they manage to get audience heart by their acapella performance.

The climax part of this movie is Beca was informed that DJ Khaled wants her to be his opening performance singer instead of Bellas. This is the hardest decision for her as she feels guilty if she leaves her team. Fat Amy's dad, who is an Aussie gangster trying to reconnect back with her by promising that he is no longer doing bad things, while he actually has purposive behaviour. As Fat Amy find out he actually wanted her late mom's heritage which was stashed at Cayman Island and refuse to follow him to go, he choose to kidnap the Bellas & threaten Fat Amy. After Amy receives the call from her dad, Beca and Fat Amy went to rescue them.

Beca sneaking into the team and guide them by performing Britney Spears' Song "Toxic" to draw Fat Amy's dad attention and at the same time Fat Amy is trying to search something to save the Bellas....

My Thoughts:
It is clearly see that director trying to inject family aspects and action sequences in this movie, but it feels like a bit too much (especially the kidnap scenes lol). Yet, this movie did a great job by adding more scenes for other characters like love relationship story of Lily & Chole, family of Fat Amy & Aubrey, not to forget the Bellas performance was great too & I quite enjoyed it. Overall, Pitch Perfect 3 is a fine conclusion for fans, but not a best movie for me as I have a bitttt disappointed with the story line as it is not as amazed as the first 2 series and I don't find funny for some part of joke scenes. Nonetheless, I will still recommend this movie to hardcore fans but maybe not new viewers (you might need to watch back the first and second series to understand the whole story).

🍑🍑🍑(3 out of 5)

(Disclaimer: my reviews for this movie are based on my movie experiences and it might have different perspective with others)
Thanks for having me Sushivid & UIP Malaysia!

That's all about it & see you in next post,

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