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December 04, 2017

Anneong Berries!🍓
So today I'm finally here to share my review on A:CONCEPT Make Your Concept Black Set!!!
I have received this box few weeks ago and I can't wait to show you what's inside the box and of course, whether the box is worth to buy.

This is how A:CONCEPT Make Your Concept Black Set looks like!
It's a great gift idea for Christmas Day or your BFF Birthday!

There are 4 items inside this A:CONCEPT Make Your Concept Black Set:
All in One Brightening Cushion
Everything in A: Lip & Cheek
-Red Orange
- Coral
All in One Brightening Cushion(Refill)

So the first product that I'm going to test out is A:CONCEPT's best seller, All in One Brightening Cushion! This cushion has SPF50+ PA+++ with whitening and anti-wrinkle function. The cushion design is unique compare with the other beauty brands that I know (as most of the cushions are design in round shape), and it has a light weight too.

You can actually see a hole beside the cushion.
Do you know that this special hole is actually for you to insert the lip & cheek into it! It is easy to carry your cushion, lipstick and blusher for vacation or outing.

Here's the short gif for showing how the lip and cheek take out from cushion.

There are only two shades available for All in One Brightening Cushion: #21 light beige & #23 natural beige, I have pick shade #21 for myself according my skin tone as my face is consider as warm undertone. 

I'm going to test out the coverage of All in One Brightening Cushion on my face now and and let see how it works.

As recently was burning midnight oil to prepare for my finals, I seriously need a products that can cover my dark circles and sick looking.

This is the final outcome!
The shade #21 that I have choose is just perfectly blend well with my skin tone. Also, the coverage of this cushion is fine for my dark circles except some few pimples on face, so it might not suitable to acne skin (in this photo I did not use any concealers on my face). However, as the finish look is in mild dewy, it actually makes my skin looks oily. I will still continue to use it but after applying I might need to use my no sebum powder to reduce my face oiliness.

Ranking: 🌟🌟🌟🌟(4 out of 5)

As I mentioned above, there are two lip products which are from A: CONCEPT Everything in A: lip & cheek. The shades that I have got is Red Orange & Coral. It comes with a tiny stick which is super cute and you can pick either one to insert into the cushion.

Swatches for A: CONCEPT Everything in A: lip & cheek A: Red Orange & Coral.

Application on lip.

I actually like Red Orange as the shade is in bright red matte finish and it is outstanding for light skin tone. Nonetheless, I found it hard to apply smoothly on lips and it is hard to remove as well. I would suggest to use lip blush or finger tips to apply instead of just apply it directly.

Coral is more like nude to light orange shade and it is suitable for daily look. Compared with Red Orange, it is smoother and creamier to apply on lips without drying out. I will prefer the texture of A: Coral.

For blusher, both of shades did a great job in creating natural blush look. I also find out A: Red Orange works well as blusher rather than lipstick.

I decided to apply on my hand instead of showing my face because it is quite hard to see the colour difference. Both looks natural after blending but A: Red Orange is slightly hard to blend compare with A: Coral.

Which look do you prefer the most?

A: Coral
Ranking: 🌟🌟🌟🌟(4 out of 5)

A: Red Orange
Ranking: 🌟🌟🌟(3 out of 5)
Overall, I think that the 3 products inside A:CONCEPT Make Your Concept Black Set is still worth to get even though I have find out some drawbacks for some products. If you ask me whether I will repurchase again, my answer will be YES as you can get A: CONCEPT best seller cushion and refill, two lip and cheek at only RM106 (NP:RM212).

For more information,

Thanks for reading and i will see you soon,

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  1. Love your review! And im also using this product and i love Brightening cushion ❤❤❤