Tiffy's Diary | December 2017

December 25, 2017

Ohai Berries!
I seriously can't believe that it is already the last month of the year! This year I have graduated from foundation and begin my university life. Everything just happens so fast & for me, 2017 is super dramatic year and there are many things happened to my life as well. 

So basically this post is just my random update for my 2017 life.

I finished my finals last week so it's sem break now HORRAYYYY! It's a hard period for me as I slept at 3am and wake up at 4am everyday & drink as many chicken essence as possible. I also get sick during exam period like seriously feeling so bad :((( I can't even focus on my study especially need to memorize so many teories and keep worried about my exam paper everyday. Luckily everything just ended and hopefully I can get a good results *fingercrossing*

In case if you didn't follow me on IG, I have actually put on braces since June 2016. I planned it for long time but never get the chance to do it due to budget issue (yea yea money again). I keep searching information online just to wish that I can find one dental clinic which fulfilled my parents' required =cheaper price, nearby, good service. At the end, I finally found one which is located at Kepong and it is famous until you need to queue for at least 3 hrs for your everytime visit. You might think that: walao seriously?! really need to queue so long meh? 
Yes my dear... I did and somemore it takes more than 5hrs+ (face palm), hopefully they can improve their service but it seems quite impossible as their customers is really a lot a lot a lot.....
I'm sure will blog about it for my upcoming post so please stay tune ❤

I thought I can have a good sleep after my exam, but I was wrong. My December schedule seems more busy than my study life as I need to complete my Bangkok trip post and some of the pending review posts as well. Well my mom don't really understand why I need to waste my time and burn midnight oil just for writing my Bangkok itinerary these few days as she always think that the purpose to write blog is to get free stuffs and money only LOLLOLOL I blog is not for money okay😑
I actually never planned to write about my Bangkok trip as I find out I didn't really take much photos during my trip, but since I feel like I want to write it down for me to read back next time + currently jobless and stay at home be 宅女, so why no I just spent my time to share some useful travel information to my readers right??? BTW have you checked out my 2 #TiffyInBKK posts that I have uploaded this week yet? If you don't you still can click HERE to read haha!

As I miss travel again, and I want to go Japan really really bad, so i decided to save money from now first haha! I actually planned this for super long time since last year but I need someone to go with me coz my parents don't allow me to travel alone. Maybe should 任性one time?😂 or wish someone to sponsor me free travel? bahaha😛

And my Samsung Camera has be with me almost 2 years before my Taiwan trip and I find out it has some minor problems such as hard to focus and very shaky while filming videos (the main reasons for MIA on Youtube). I really wish I can film more videos like unboxing and product reviews on my Youtube channel tho TT. I recently have get myself a lightbox so hopefully I can get new camera next year *IMMASOBROKE*

I'm so happy to announce that I finally host another giveaway after 2 years🙈 I'm so sorry to delay for this giveaway as I was too busy in my study and worried to host giveaway coz I really scare no one will join lol. This time I personally handpicked some skincare products from Beauty Cottage Thailand so I do hope the lucky winner will like it! I wish everyone can get the prizes from me but hopefully next time I can do more giveaway so everyone got chance to win okay? I really feel appreciate to my readers and followers who take part in this xmas giveaway, thank you so much I love you guysss❤❤❤❤ Can't wair to announce the winner on my IG stories by 3 January 2018 hehe!

As usual, we celebrate xmas together with my grandma(mom side) and we went to Cameron highland this year. It is fun and happy day to be with your loved one as we makan steamboat together, chitchat on cars, laugh like crazy etc...
However, as I rarely have chance to hang out with any of my friends this year, so I wish someone can jio me out this month coz if my going to start my next sem my time even more limited already. (just jio me for makan or shopping whatever)
*if you guys are reading this please jio me la why no one mau cari me de... TT*

有快乐的事自然也会有伤心的事, there is a happy things, sure will have sad things happened as well...

This actually happened on November, and this was unexpected as i still meet her one week before our BKK trip. When we reached Bangkok, my dad already received call from my biaojie saying that my grandma(dad's mom) was suffering pain and she might leave us anytime. She was waiting for us to back home... All of us was shock & had lost our mood for travel. As we worried about her health condition, we even change ours schedule and went to Erawan Shrine in next day to pray for her health. This is what we can only do. My biaojie also keep updating my grandma's condition to us by sending her photos and videos everyday. Unfortunately, she still leave us after we reached Malaysia airport right after few minutes & all of us didn't manage to see her last face. My dad was planning to see her at hospital directly from airport, but everything is just too late...就真的那么巧的在我们刚到机场几分钟就走了 :( I feel that she was able to feel us as everything is just so ngam. She was the eprson who scare pain, needles and die but she is brave for holding her pain &waiting for us to back Malaysia. 阿婆虽然你看不到这个但我还是要对你说一路好走愿你能在天上好好安息❤

That's all about my summary of 2017 life and I hope you don't mind my super broken English here as here is the only place for me to be myself and talk freely.
I hope you enjoy reading & see you in next post soon, bye!


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  1. HI Tiffany,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post. Hope you get on well in your university life.

    Sorry about the passing of your grandma, may she rest in peace.

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