#TiffyInBKK | After You Dessert Cafe @ Terminal 21

December 20, 2017

 Hello berries!🍓
It's time for me to share about one of the famous desserts that I have in Terminal 21 Bangkok, After You Dessert Cafe!
For your information, After You Dessert Cafe is a famous spot for locals and tourists in Bangkok which served different range of delicious sweet treats. I would say that After You Dessert Cafe is one of my die die must go list when I planned to visit Bangkok as I always see people keep posting about it and I just so excited to try it out!

(There is a After You Dessert Cafe pop-up store for The Big Bad Wolf 2017 at MINES International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) which is from 8 until 18 December 2017 only, I didn't manage to try out but perhaps you did!)

To our surprise, there is no long queue on that day we visited, most probably is because it is weekday & lunch time hour. I personally think that it is a best timing to come here as it is less crowed compare with other time, so you can just quietly enjoy your desserts and take pictures!
After we manage to find our seats, we go counter there to order quickly before more customers coming. 

It is impossible for us to not try out their limited flavour crumbstick right?

This is the Durian Crumbstick (THB90) that launched like almost two months and it become super popular & the photos keep spreading on social media like crazy. I have include a long gif here about unboxing instead of video haha!

 This is how it looks like, the shape and colour just exactly like the real durian!
Although most of us love durian but not a fan of durian dessert, however we still decide to just get one and try it. Guess what? It actually taste pretty good & we love it so much! At the end my little brother also go get one for himself already lol.

After You Dessert Cafe signature dessert- Shibuya Honey Toast (THB185) is here!!!!
I didn't have very much high expectation on it as I have tried out the similar toast in Malaysia like Miru & Harajucube cafe. 

Just like what I expected, the toast is comes with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and whip cream, and you can pour some honey on top as well. The portion is just suitable for two to three people & the taste is great too. If you have no idea which toast you should try, I would suggest to try out this as other flavours might surpassed your expectation.

We have also tried out their seasonal menu- Thai Milk Kakigori (THB245)

This kakigori is served with fluffy ice shavings with coconut milk cream on top and Thai milk sauce.
If you dig inside further, you will find out some toast cubes inside which has soaked with a Thai milk tea & also some glass jelly cube that enhance the Kakigori's taste! One thing that I like about their desserts is that it is not too over sweetened so if you're not a dessert lover, you can just give a try on After You desserts!

Like usual cafe, After You has served hot & cold beverages as well. We have try out their Hot Latte (THB105) but it is just so-so for us.

Last but not least, I would highly recommend to try out their Dark Chocolate Frappe (THB145) if you love chocolate as me! Just that you need to worry about the calories after having so many sweet stuff in one time HAHA.

The pricing of their desserts are between THB145-255, for beverages are between THB90-145. I think the price is still consider reasonable (unless our RM value continue getting lower lol). There are some rumours that After You Dessert Café will be opening in Malaysia and Singapore, I probably hope this is real so I need not to flight so far anymore haha!
Now they have total 26 outlets in Thailand so if you're going to visit Bangkok, do try to squeeze out your time and come here!

After You @ Terminal 21
Tel no:
02-061 5545

Business Hours :
10:30am - 10:00pm (mon-fri)
10:00am - 10:00pm (sat-sun)


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