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December 21, 2017

Hi Berries!❤️
I'm so active recently as I'm now still in my semester break HAHA!
So today I'm going to share about one of my favourite spot in Bangkok which is Chocolate Ville! If you think that it is a place for selling chocolates, you're wrong HAHA. Chocolate Ville is a largest  theme park restaurant that inspired by the vintage European town.

I have did some research on Chocolate Ville & The Rome, which both of them are famous attractions for tourists to visit. However, I choose to visit Chocolate Ville as The Rome seems a bit too normal for me but I will still planned it for next time. The reasons that I want to come here instead of The Rome is because Chocolate Ville seems more charming & more photo-worthy, also the food as well.

 We going there by van as I have booked it 1 month before our trip so I can just told the driver where we want to go. You can choose to take public transport or taxi to come here(most likely cost around RM24 per person for go and back). Since we have 11 persons, so rent a van is more worth to us. It takes around 40-60 minutes to reach Chocolate Ville from Bangkok City, if only there is no traffic jam. The traffic was so terrible that day due to weekend so it took like 1hour + for us to reach.

If you're worried that taxi driver doesn't know the place, you can just google the photos and let him see or search for the place name in Thai word.
The environment here seriously will makes you feel like you're in western country not Thailand! It's just too beautiful!!!

One of the great thing about Chocolate Ville is that there is no entrance fee required, so you're free to take as many photos as you wish.

You can see goose everywhere in Chocolate Ville.

The time we reached there was around 5pm so the place started getting crowded. So you can see my back all tourists photobombed already. 

Moshi moshi HAHA!
If you don't wish to get photobombed by others (here's one of the example....), I would suggest you to come here as early as possible.

 At here you don't need to feel paiseh to pose and just try to act like model here because every place in Chocolate Ville is so photo-worthy!! You also wish to bring back pretty memories back right?

Our group photo! 
Thanks random tourist who helped us to take this haha.

Family photo

Dad and Mom photo taken by me!

Mom + Grandma + me ❤️

With my lil brother, it been a while since we take photo together.

My pose seems a bit 老土 but I don't mind la!

As it was my cousin's birthday that day, we decided to stay here to have our dinner and celebrate his birthday at the same time. 

I have read some blogs online saying that they didn't manage to get their tables without making reservation. Luckily, we still manage to get our seats before more people comes in. The food and beverages price of Chocolate Ville are mostly around THB100-420, we think that it is quite reasonable as we pay for nice dining area too.

Playing phone while waiting for our food coming #antisocial.

Their service still consider fast as our drinks and foods served to us for less than 20 minutes. However, do make sure you have decide everything before calling waiters/waitresses as they're very rush and slightly impatient to wait for you to look at the menu. 

  My drink is hereeeee Mango Smoothie❤️

I just feel super thirsty and I find out this is the only mango thing that I have in Bangkok lol. 

This is my first time to try out Pork Knuckle 德国猪手& it tasted amazing!! Although it is the most expensive dishes here but it is super crunchy and meat is juicy as well. 

Salmon Spaghetti (I'm not really remember the food name)

My favourite Carbonara !!

 Grilled salmon

This Fish & Chips is double size of normal portion as it served with two fried fillets fish and somemore same size as my arm! We didn't manage to finish the whole plate so we give my lil brother to settle all HAHA. 

Overall the food was great but I don't think I will have dinner here again as I want to have more Thai street foods for next time trip.
After dinner, you can choose to walk around and take photos as the night view of Chocolate Ville is so beautiful!

I don't feel like want to leave here tho...*cried*

If you're first time visit Bangkok like me and looking for romantic place to have dinner, I would recommend Chocolate Ville & trust me, you will not regret to come here too!

Ranking: 🍑🍑🍑🍑(4/5)

For more information,
Chocolate Ville
Address: Kasetnawamin KM. 11 Rd
Kasetnawamin, Bangkok, Thailand

Phone: 083 - 077 - 3738 
(reservation start after 4pm)

Opening Hours: 4 PM - midnight 12AM

Facebook page:

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