Movie | Downsizing

January 22, 2018

Have you ever imagine what will happen to your life if you become smaller one day?

The story of Downsizing is begin with a Norwegian scientists who has discover the method to shrink humans to five inches tall for solving over population issue. Paul & his wife decide to undertake a newly-invented procedure to shrink their bodies so they can start a new life.

After explore the downsizing life, Paul and Audrey agree to undergo the process and move to Leisureland, one of the most popular communities for small individuals. However, Paul receives a call from his wife saying that she was unable to go through the procedure and, opting out at the last minute, will be leaving him. Paul divorce with his wife one year later.

One day, Paul notices that his neighbour housecleaner Lan Tran is a Vietnamese political activist who was jailed and downsized against her will. Lan Tran was the sole survivor of a human smuggling attempt to the United States in a television box and had her leg amputated upon arrival. Attempting to assist Lan Tran with her prosthetic leg, Paul returns to her house in the slums outside of the walls of Leisureland. After assisting Lan Tran's dying friend, Paul tried to repair Lan Tran's prosthetic leg but accidentally break it and make her unable to work. 

In return, Paul works for Lan Tran's cleaning service where he also helps in gathering food from around the city that Lan Tran distributes throughout the slums. His neighbour attempts to release Paul from his obligation by taking him to Norway, the site of the first small community with his friend Joris Konrad, but Lan Tran argues to come along.

Lan Tran had received international attention after her arrival in the United States, including personal correspondence from the inventor of downsizing, Dr. Jørgen Asbjørnsen, who had previously invited her to Norway...

Downsizing is official screening in Malaysia Cinemas on 18th January 2018.
Let's check out how Matt Damon face against in his life change after downsizing in cinemas!

Thanks again UIP for having me for premiere screening! 

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