Event | #ButterflyTurns5 Dreamy Unicorn Birthday Party 🦄

April 25, 2018

Hello Berries!💖
Congratulations The Butterfly Project officially 5 years old!
I attended their Birthday Party at WonderMilk Cafe, Damansara Uptown a few weeks ago. It was my second time to celebrate their birthday together. It was a fun and meaningful party as most of us had stayed with this community for more than 3 years and gained a lot of blogging knowledge, events and lots of opportunities.

In case you're wondering, The Butterfly Project is a beauty bloggers community in Malaysia founded by mamasan Tammy Lim. If you're just started your blogging journey, or you already own a blog & wanna to exchange content ideas, meet new friends and etc... You're always welcome to join The Butterfly Project!

The party theme for this year was pastel & unicorn🦄, the place was decorated by the unicorn birthday cake, pastel desserts, colourful party decors and not to forget all the butterflies who get invited to the birthday party.

Colourful unicorns in da house!
All the butterflies dressed up as a pretty unicorns.

Here's my unicorn look of the day!
I would say it was my biggest makeup challenge as I never tried out any rainbow or colourful eye makeup in my life lol. Luciky the makeup turn out still not as bad as I thought!
Just a shout out for my unicorn headband from PartyNits as they have customized service so I can request the colours and design that I want.

Snap some photos as I rarely got the chance to makeup and dress up like a unicorn!
What do you think? :P

The birthday party was officiated by TBP founder Mamasan Tammy and MC of the day Dee Leonard. Both of them got the gorgeous wig for their unicorn looks!

Each of us got the redemption card to enjoy the activities during the party. 
There are total four activities for butterflies to discover, super excited!

🦄Activities During The BParty🦄
So the first activity was flowers bar by Everyday Flowers. 
We are allow to choose 2 stocks of flowers and the staff will help us to make it into a mini bouquet.
Everyone was queuing and at the same time deciding which 2 stocks of flowers they should pick for their mini bouquet.

There are lots of pretty + fresh flowers (even rose also come in three different colours OMG) at the flowers bar waiting for us to select. I think that 2 stocks is seriously not enough because I was waffling on all these pretty flowers haha!

Here's my mini bouquet, what do you think?💐

*Appreciating how the mini bouquet can be so gorgeous.....* 
If you wanna to have a flower bar for your party, I guarantee that Everyday Flowers will impress your guests and friends since they can bring home a little piece of your celebration home!

Everyday Flowers
T2-07-07 The Square, One City,
47650 Subang Jaya
Contact: 014-663 4913


The second activity was colouring our own auto-inflate balloon from Brrrloon.
All of us can get one auto-inflate colouring balloon to decorate by using different colours.
After we done the colouring part we can just hit on the middle and shake it! Guess what? You can watch it grows in 60 seconds.
I have never seen this kind of balloon before it's so interesting! (It's the first in Malaysia!)
There is also a unicorn on our mini auto-inflate balloon which perfectly matches the party theme.

Apart from that, these fancy and photo-worthy ballon decors are all sponsored by Brrrloon as well.
If you're planning to host a party, you should check out Brrrloon as they have many choices such as personalized bubble balloon, helium balloons, auto-inflate colouring Balloon, balloon-powered toys, balloon sculpture, & balloon arches which will enhance your party!

Block Gurney, Unit G-1-2, Plaza Arkadia, 
No.3, Jalan Intisari Perdana, 
Desa Park City, 52200 KL
Contact: 0182777130


The third activity was unicorn adoption centre by 50GRAM!
When I saw this on my redemption card, I was guessing what kind of unicorn would it be. When it's my turn to "adopt" it, I have to fill in my adoption certificate and give my "unicorn" a name.
 To my surprise, the "unicorn" is actually one of my wishlist items-Unicorn Mug!
I have named it as POPCORN🍿
(Just want to make the name to be in rhyme lol)

You can adopt this adorable Unicorn Mug@RM39.90 from 50GRAM website to bright up your day!


My most favourite activities during the birthday party would be the unlimited photobooth from GNG Studiobooth!📷
(Photo credit: Eros a.k.a FishMeatDie)
I'm pretty sure photobooth session gonna be everyone favourites too as does not just help to capture the party moment and also gather together with your friends.
GNG Studiobooth had set up a sparkling purple backdrop and props for The Butterfly Project unicorn birthday party. We all just take as much as we can and great thing is that we can get our digital copies on the spot.
Not only that, you can request for the soft copy by providing your email so that you can share it on your social media.

We are so lucky to be the first to try out GNG Studiobooth's latest Boomerang PhotpBox service too! You might think what's the difference between Gif Photobox & Boomerang Photobox,
basically Gif takes multiple photographs and combines into a gif animation & Boomerang is on the spot live action video recording.

The photo printing quality is pretty good as it is waterproof and anti-fingerprint.
Thanks again to GNG Studiobooth for letting us bring our memories home!

GNG Studiobooth

Aside from participate in the activities, never forget to use camera for selfies with bloggers friends.
With Carmen & Juneci👩‍❤️‍👩

Cheryl 💕

Candace & Rika👩‍❤️‍👩

(Photo credit: Eros a.k.a FishMeatDie)
Wefie-ing with Dash, Lee Yann and Yana💕
One of my favourite shoot by Eros!

Before the end of the birthday party, everyone has to choose three unicorns for best dressed contest and the three winners can win a customized Trollbeads bracelet worth more than RM500.
The final lucky winners were Syafiera, Rawlins and Bella! Congratulations!

(Photo credit: Eros a.k.a FishMeatDie)
Group Photo with🦋!
Would like to special thanks for The Butterfly Project for having me to celebrate their special day and all the sponsors who participate in the party & also specially hand-pick products for our party.
Furthermore, wanna to thanks to mamasan Tammy, Dee Leonard & also Team Mermaid & Pixies (Eros, Sydney, Bo, Anis, Mira) for preparing so many things for us especially the birthday party decors, activities and goodie bag💗
Happy 5th Birthday The Butterfly Project🦋

🦄Unicorn Goodie Bag🦄
As I have mentioned that everyone got a unicorn goodie bag and I'm sure you're curious what's inside hehe.

Let's reveal the goodie bag together wohoooo!
Deng deng deng~~~ *sound effect*

The first item that I got is belif Best Seller On-The-Go kit @RM89.
It is one of my favourite skincare travel kits! It's super convenient for me to carry every skincare products that I need. This travel kits contains cleanser, toner, essences, eye cream and moisturizer. I have reviewed it on my blog before so feel free to check out my full review about it by click HERE.
I'm so happy now because I got the second 
This travel kit is available at belif Malaysia stores.

belif Malaysia

Although some of Japan products might pricey for you, but you're not just paying for its pretty packaging as well as its good quality. I have heard a lot of good reviews about Koji Dolly Wink's false lashes and always want to try out. I seriously can't believe that I will get it in my goodies bag! The eyelash design that I got is No.29 Pure Dolly, which is one of their latest collection.
BTW here are the links for the new collections:
Price: RM58.90
If you have never tried any false lashes, you can check out Dolly Wink at selected stores such as Watsons & Sasa Malaysia.

Koji-Dolly Wink

Guess what? Even the makeup products are so unicorn HAHA!
I have got two products from NYX Cosmetics which are Vivid Bright Liner (Vivid Blossom-Pastel Lavender) RM30 & #LOTD Lip Of The Day Lip Liner (Cherished- Baby Pink) RM35. I can't wait to try out soon!
These two products are available at NYX Stores & online retailers.

NYX Cosmetics Malaysia

I also received Dear Beauté (Japan) Himawari hair care samples for try out.

There are two types of Dear Beauté Himawari haircare series for specific hair condition, one is Rich & Repair (Orange) and another one is Volume & Repair (Blue).
 Dear Beauté Himawari haircare series is available at selected stores: Watsons & Sasa Malaysia.

I just can't stop gazing at this super cute unicorn necklace @ RM14.90 when I found this in my goodie bag!
If you still remember, I have reviewed a unicorn makeup brushes from Wanderlust Things which I got for last year birthday party. 
 Wanderlust Things is an online shop which selling unicorn stuffs, stationery, makeup brushes and cute home decors, feel free to check out Wanderlust Things & you won't regret it!
Not only that, you can get the subscription box- Unicorn Surprise Box from Wanderlust Things at just RM52, quickly grab one before the last order on 20 May 2018!
Wanderlust Things

Last but not least, a lovely greeting card from Mamasan Tammy!
I love the card design + the unicorn "horn"😍

The purple unicorn horn is actually a unicorn makeup brush, how creative!

That's all about the birthday party!
I hope you guys enjoy reading my super long post & give you some ideas for your future party plan. Feel free to comment down below if you have something would like to share with me!

Love ya,

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