Review | Goddess Beauty All Day Instant Whitening Face Cream

August 19, 2018

Hi everyone, I'm back with another beauty product review!
Today I will be sharing my current favourite product from Goddess Beauty Co..
You might be curious what is the brand about, let me do an introduction about Goddess Beauty Co.!

Goddess Beauty Co., a new Malaysia beauty skincare brand launched in 2018 & was founded by Malaysia's Miss Supranational & influencer, Audrey Loke. Goddess Beauty Co. has recently released a new product called Goddess Skin Instant All Day Whitening Face Cream, which claims to allows lazy people to have a quick and efficient face care in 2 mins.

If you have watched my IG stories recently, I actually have shown you guys about this product. In this post, I'm going to talk about it in more details.

Goddess Skin All Day Instant Whitening Face Cream is a tone-up cream which claimed to give your skin an instant tone up effect. Not only that, it is also a 5-in-1 product as it can be used as a moisturizer, sunblock (with spf 20++), primer, CC Cream & whitening cream. It can be used on a bare face or as base makeup. Most importantly, it doesn't require to wash off, sounds super convenient right?

It also formulated with French technology and contains breakthrough formula such as Bird Nest, Alpha Arbutin Bearberry, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C & E which allows to achieve healthily and brighten skin.

As you can see the actual product just look as elegant as its name. Tt is made of plastic but the overall look of it is simple, unique & actually gives off a more professional appearance.
The packaging is very light as well so it's a great ideal for travel too.

The cream has a very soft, smooth and creamy texture. Sometimes I find it hard to spread all over on face since the white pigmentation sets fast and dries matte, so make sure not squeeze out too much and tried to apply well on your skin as soon as possible. However, it doesn't leave any sticky feeling & drying out my skin.

I can clearly see the huge difference between with and without using it. As you can see without applying, my skin tone look more dull and uneven, but once I apply all over my face, my skin tone immediately brighter and smooth. It gives my skin a matte and skin blurring effects like having a beauty light around me lol. My freckles on my cheek also look less visible too.

Overall, I liked how Goddess Skin All Day Instant Whitening Face Cream works on my skin. Now I can just draw my eyebrow and put on colour lip balm and go! 
The product price is slightly higher than most of the whitening product in the market, so if you asked me whether I will repurchase again, my answer will be either yes or not. I might still be repurchase the product again due to its features. I will be continuing to use it in my daily routine and hoping that Goddess Beauty Co. will come out more product line in future. 

If you wish to purchase Goddess Skin Whitening Face Cream, it's now available on their website, feel free to check out!

Goddess Beauty Co.

That's all about my review on Goddess Beauty All Day Instant Whitening Face Cream, I hope you guys find the review helpful :)
See you in next post!

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