Beauty | All I want for Althea Korea is... (My Top 10 Wishlist)

December 15, 2018

Hi everyone! How was your day?
It's already December and I believed many of us have spent a lot this month because there are lots of holiday sales now. Honestly, who doesn't like shopping? So I'm here to share my top 10 wishlists from Althea Korea which consists of skincare & makeup products. There are some products I'm currently using and would like to share with you guys as well! It's not just a Christmas wishlist but also giving you all an idea to shop at Althea Korea. Are you ready everybody?✨✨♥️
*All I want for Christmas~~~~~~~~~~~ isssss UUUUUUUUUUU*

This toner is definitely a MUST PURCHASE SKINCARE PRODUCT! The reason that I put this toner in my wishlist because it is so gentle and soothing to skin. I can feel my skin become softer & bouncy, at the same time it does brighten up my skin too. Even my breakouts and acne scars have been reduced. The texture might look like essence, but it actually very lightweight and easy to absorbs into the skin. It has another version with a slight fragrance but both are giving the same result.

This was in my wishlist for a long time as I saw my favourite Youtuber Pony recommended it in one of her makeup tutorial video. If you're curious, it is a base essence that able to prevent cakey and flaky makeup look. It contains some hydrating ingredients like Centella Asiatica, glycerin, and sunflower seed oil which helps in moisturizes the skin, prepping and smoothing it for a flawless makeup application. I guess this is going to be my life saviour as I have a dry skin.

I currently looking for a eye cream as I find out some fine-lines start to appear below my eyes (see lar don't sleep early lar). This eye cream was claimed that it is lightweight and able to absorb quickly into the skin. It also contains fresh green tea that's rich in amino acids to hydrate the skin from within. Most importantly it helps to prevent moisture loss, keeping your delicate under eye area feeling hydrated and supple all day. I hope it will improve my fine-lines and eyebag.

It is a must for me to use sunscreen everyday. It is a latest product from Dear, Klairs. I checked out some reviews about this sunscreen and almost all are positive reviews. It was highly recommended to those who hate using one as it is super lightweight and non-greasy and you won't feel anything on your skin. As I have a good impression in their products, I hope it won't disappoint me. I just going to save this product into my wishlist.

This kits contains 4 items: sanitizing pads, spot extractor tool, spot hydrocolloid band, and spot calming ampoule. It is very convenient for me to bring it for travel. I also heard some good reviews about this series and it claimed it has active plant-based ingredients that are low-irritant, and are recommended by skin experts. It sounds interesting. I think I will use this kit very often while I having finals.

I just can't stop looking at the packaging, it so prettyyyy! This looks like a mirror case but it is actually a combination of a cushion foundation and dual lip & cheek pact. The packaging is illegal, how can they designed until so gorgeous. 

This is how inside looks like, it really tempting me as it seems really convenient and travel-friendly. Let me put into cart first lol

This setting powder is BIG BIG LOVE! I prefer to Althea Petal Velvet Powder rather than Innisfree No Sebum Powder, especially this special edition! I actually not a fan of lavender but the lavender scent contains in this setting powder is quite comfortable. It did a great job in setting my makeup as well. The price is also very affordable, confirm will repurchase it after I finished my current one!
BTW, I have did a review for the translucent version, feel free to CLICK HERE to check out!

I usually would purchase Korea single eyeshadow rather than a eyeshadow palette as I find out most of it was not as pigmented as it claimed and shown in the picture. However, I recently check out few beauty Youtubers videos and most of them have a good impression in this palette. It makes me feel like I should give this a try. This palette consists of 10 matte and shimmering shades and it is suitable for any occasions especially daily makeup. The price is surprisingly cheaper than I expected too! RM59 with 10 shades wor, why not?

Here comes my favourite lip tint! There are two version for this Peripera lip tint: Ink the Velvet (normal one) and Ink The Airy Velvet (velvet matte shade). To me I prefer Ink The Airy Velvet as the shades are more to MLBB and not too bright. You need not keep touch up as the colour can stay on your lips very long time. I'm not complaining but the only downside is sometimes can be very difficult to remove with makeup remover and not dry lips friendly. Well, why I am expecting for long lasting but easy to remove at the same time lol

I have totally no idea why I am so into blusher now. When I saw this I immediately fall in love and put into my Althea wishlist. The shade that I want to try out the most is Vintage Robe, which is a tone-downed dry rose colour. The shade currently out of stock, please Althea restock the Vintage Robe I will love you forever lol

That's all about my Althea TOP 10 wishlist, I hope you guys enjoy this post and see you very soon! Anyway, all the products that I mentioned above are all available on Althea Korea official website, time to check out now!

🌺Althea Korea🌺

(Disclaimer: all the products' photo are credited to Althea Korea official website)


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