Food | Iberico Promotion at Naughty Nuri's, Atria Shopping Gallery

January 10, 2019

Hi everyone! How was your day?
If you're big fan of pork rib, you should not miss out this post!
I recently was invited to Naughty Nuri's at Atria Shopping Gallery, Damansara Jaya. I have heard Naughty Nuri's from some of my friends and most of them have a good impression about it. Well, let's check out the restaurant together!

For your information, Naughty Nuri’s was originally from Unud, Bali.
Opened its doors in Malaysia back in December 2014 at Desa Sri Hartamas with a seating capacity of 240 people, Naughty Nuri's has also successfully launched 3 more outlets in Subang SS15 Courtyard, Life Centre (KL) and Atria Shopping Gallery.

Recently, Naughty Nuri's has introduced a brand new menu "Meat The Iberico"  sure to impress – so without further ado let's check out their new dishes!

Sizzling Iberico Belly 
RM28 (150g)
Naughty Nuri’s very own homemade chef specialize Iberico pork belly served on a 310 degree celcius hot plate top with caramelized onion,capsicum and drizzled with Asian special homemade sauce. I love how it served the pork belly with hot plate as it help to keep the food hot and you will still able to enjoy the food after taking photos.

Grilled Iberico Skewers 
RM20 (Small 3 sticks) RM 30 (Big 6 sticks)
Naughty Nuri’s very own BBQ Iberico sate infuse with signature pandan marination and grilled to perfection. 

It's my first time to have a pork satay. The proportion of fatty and lean meat was just perfect, it taste even great when you dip the skewers into their spicy homemade sauce!

Iberico burger (RM32)
Naughty Nuri’s homemade burger patty serve on a bed of salad with slices of juicy tomatoes, slices of streaky pork bacon and topped with melted cheddar-mozzarella cheese drizzled with bbq sauce with side serving of fries.
 The patty itself is super juicy and in each bite, you can totally taste this Iberico patty is non-processed and not those fast food type patty meat. The melt cheddar cheese is just perfect match with the patty.

Flaming Iberico Ribs RM49 (300g)
Specially marinated with balinese spices, dipped in our signature sauce and char grilled to perfection and flambe with sembucca for flavour enhancement.
If you are the fan of pork ribs, which is one of the main signature of Naughty Nuri's, or you have never tried before, you should give this a try. Trust me you won't regret!

You can even enjoy free fire performance while you're dining at Naughty Nuri's!

If you feel it's too much meat, you can also try out their salad and dessert too!

This dessert is called Mt Buleleng Inspired Sizzling Bacon Chocolate Cake. At first I feel weird as I thought bacon and chocolate would not taste good, but I was wrong lol. I love it so much!

Without further, let's invite all your family & friends to dining at Naughty Nuri's!

For more details,
Lot G25, Ground Floor
Atria Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS 22/23,
Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opening Hours:
Daily (11am–11pm)

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