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March 23, 2019

Do you know that it's important to choose the right shoes for your foot? Recently I was attend a talk on the foot health by Dato Dr. Edmund Lee PhD, an Orthotics Specialist to share about the foot types and how it may affects our daily lives.

Sunfeet International Rehad Center provides services such as foot biomechanical assessment, knee assessment, posture assessment as well as diabetic foot assessment. Besides, the centre provides patients with professional consultation and rehabilitation in areas such as occupational therapy, sports rehabilitation, prosthetic, podiatry, orthotics, pedorthics and physiotherapy.

Not only that, the centre also offering the customers products healthy footwear and customized orthotic insoles too.

Do you know that you can also get a foot check up for FREE so that you will able to understand more about your foot type. Through the report, I find out I have low arch feet which may cause knee pain in future.   

During the talk session, Dato Dr Edmund Lee PhD telling us that although people nowadays are good in personal care, but we always forget about our feet, which we "use" everyday. The awareness of foot care is very important as we able to find out the issues early to prevent knee and back pain that cause by our foot. Therefore, it's important to do regular check up before it is too late.

Below are some examples of foot issue that cause by without taking care of our feet and wearing wrong shoes.

Dr Edmund Lee also shared with us the way we can massage our toes at home. Through massaging, it actually will helps to stretch your feet, at the same time to release stress as well. Mostly importantly is to choose the right shoe to make sure you leg is comfortable.

Besides, Dr. Edmond also shared with us the food that we should eat more for our foot health.

Through the talk, I have understand the importance of the foot care and also learn some tips on how to overcome the foot issues. Thanks Dr. Edmund Lee for sharing with us!

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