All About Me

Oh hello everybody!
I'm the blog writer of, Tiffany!
If you're are my new readers, WELCOME TO MY BLOG! if you're are my long-term readers, HELLO & WELCOME BACK BERRIES!🍓
Now it is time for me to do a self-introduction here, so are you ready?

My name is Tiffany Lee, a.k.a Lee Kai Ni (that's my full name), in Chinese is known as李凯婗. My primary school friends used to pronounce my Chinese name as 离开你 LOL! As I started my college life, most of them called me as Tiffany or Tiff or KaiNi or Tiffy.

I was born in Perak (my hometown) & raised in Kuala Lumpur, so I'm 100% KL orang! I was born on 15th April 1998, an Aries and Tiger baby!
I'm the eldest child in my family with 1 sibling (brother) who is 3 years younger than me. Btw I'm also the eldest grandchild on my mom's side family.

I usually speak Chinese with my close friends and family members. However, when it comes to blog, I will use English instead of my mother tongue since English is an international language and everyone can easily understand what I wrote about. Sometimes I will still blog with Chinese, so it actually depends on what kind of post.
I used to learn Japanese but I only learnt for two months and stopped because of my "punctual" Japanese teacher. So far I can only read and understand basic katakana and hiragana with some simple communication. I will continue to recap my Japanese by watching Youtube videos and Japanese textbooks.
I can understand Hokkien (as I learn it from Taiwan dramas, especially those Hokkien with long long episodes) & Cantonese (my parents used this language to communicate with each other) but I can't speak well especially Cantonese. So, total languages that I know is 4, Japanese not counted in my major languages as my JP still in very basic level.

I'm a full-time students & currently study degree programme. The course that I take is Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) (don't tell you which university HAHAHA). Honestly, I actually not really interested in this course at all just that my parents wish me to study accounting so that I can find a job easily. Well, I guess most of the Chinese parents will say that. Apart from that, I also start to wearing braces since June 2017 and it is going to be a long journey. Besides that, I also still single & available hahaha (alright this is not important at all)

I have a dry to combination skin, with white and fair skin tone. Sometimes my skin will having acnes, dark circles and blackheads.

Before this, I used to have a Taiwan blog (Pixnet) in 2009 for fun purpose & the reason for creating is inspired by Taiwan famous blogger WANWAN as I love to draw cute characters when I was 11. I uploaded my drawing on my blog and dream to be an artist like her in future *omg so embarrassing*

I start to blog in August 2015, and blog in a serious way in mid of 2016 (continue reading to find out why I will said that). 
My first post is about food blogger event at One Utama in 2015, which is my very first time to attend event and blog about food). Truthfully I would say my first few blog posts is just super freaking shit worst as I wrote it with using my very broken English + tons of grammar mistake + childish method....
*I seriously feel so so so so sorry to my previous PR that I worked before and I always feel like want to kill myself after reading my old posts lol*
Although now my English still poor (especially my grammar & the way I communicate with people), I will still try to improve myself everytime by asking friends about my mistake or by checking online.

I used to think that I can get many freebies when I blog, but I find out my blog's quality is getting worse if I continued this way. I also feel my behaviour is so selfish and irresponsible as I used to only give good reviews whether the products are good or bad. I have changed my blogging style in recent time so that I can give my honest reviews from my heart to my readers! I also will write about my life updates like #TiffyDiary so this platform is also a place for me to express myself.
Now for me, my blog passion is to share something that is meaningful & helpful to my readers(and myself as well). I feel really appreciated everytime I received messages from my readers while they told that my post is helpful for them❤️

Currently, I share about products and foods review, events & travel information to my readers on this platform (sometimes on my personal FB page), I hope you will enjoy reading every post I shared here!

I owned my current blog domain in April 2017 as I have a blog for almost 4 years, plus I think it is time to upgrade my blog from My old blog domain is in case you're wondering. I named my blog as is just a very simple reason, I can't put my name as my blog domain so I added "Oh is" in front of it, no any special meaning at all haha🙈

BTW If you realized, my blog is designed in Peach theme but I always called my readers as Berries🍓 in my every blog posts. I find it weird if I named my readers as Peaches (sounds so rude like B*TCHES LMAO)! 

I actually have a Youtube channel called TiffanyLee 티파니이 for vlogs and makeup tutorial. However, it is not as active as my blog as I'm still learning to film and edit videos. At the same time, I have no confident by talking in front of camera + feel uncomfortable and awkward while I used English to talk in my previous videos. I always feel shy to talk with English as it is not my major language so sometimes I will suddenly lay my head down*laugh*. Hopefully I can upload some unboxing videos or more vlogs in future with using English or my mother tongue.

Favourite colours: 
Pastel Colour, Baby Blue & Pink, Tiffany Blue 

Favourite Cartoon & Anime characters:
Naruto, Elmo and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, Gudetama, My Melody, Rilakkuma.... all characters from Sanrio!

Favourite countries: 
Japan, Korea, Thailand, Australia, Macao
*so far I have only visited Thailand lol & I have promised myself to visit Japan after 2 years (means 2019), so I have to save more money from now so I can make my dream come true!*

Favourite Kpop groups & singers:
BIGBANG (Seungri & G Dragon is my bias❤️), EXO, TWICE, EXID, Hyuna, Bolbbalgan4, AKMU, BlackPink, Girls' Generation, F(X), IU and more! So feel free to talk Kpop with me anytime!

Favourite Foods:
Literally I almost eat everything because I was trained by my mom since young (my mom always forced me and my lil bro to eat different types of veggies so we won't be picky eater HAHA). Yet if really want me to mention the foods I liked then would be Matcha desserts, Green Tea, sweet bun, Mochi, Carbonara, Kaya Breads, Dark Chocolate, Subway sandwiches and cookies....

What I Like:
Dreaming(lol), self shopping & movies date, drink tea (gao gao one), change hair colours

What I Hate:
People who is unpunctual for meetup and gathering (I'm not that stingy haha unless if you have an acceptable reasons), watch horror & Hong Kong comedy movies(except Stephen Chow's movie), attend concerts (I only went once for EXO concert and the experience is just terrible and mess, I don't really think I will go again in future😂), buy shoes, phone games (I have 3 minutes passion in phone games), cold drinks....

That's all about my self-introduction and thanks for spending your time to read it! Goodbye!

Feel free to email me at for any inquiries regarding advertorial engagement, sponsorship and media invites.

Your bestie,